Topic: Release 2.5.

Hello all active/passive Developers.

I am going to initiate the upcoming implementation of 2.5. Please tell me if I have forgotton anyting or things you think should be considered.

I will put this in the 'Code' section below as we agree on it.

1. HRM module in the core. I wil check with Janusz. If he is out of time, maybe @notrinos can take over this.
2. Interactive DashBoard. Initiative by @notrinos. Changing part of the core to make it work smoothly. @notrinos can fix this.
3. More modern default theme, but still keeping the existing. Add option for own login box etc. @joe is looking into that.
4. More options to come here as they are agreed.


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Re: Release 2.5.

Please add "bin" for warehouse stock.

Also this one for tax info.

Re: Release 2.5.

Janusz (@itronics) and I are having a meeting medio June. We will then decide which items will be incorporated in release 2.5.

Please give your opinions so we don't forget anything that should be included 2.5. I will then put it into to point in the first post.