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  I need some php programmer to customize invoice size from A4 to 3*5 Thermal printer?

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Painful task. Adjust the font size to be really small and then name your items really short. Avoid all decimals if possible. Adjust the column widths! Make a copy of the reporting/rep107.php and place it in your company/#/reporting/ folder where # is your company number. Now edit the latter to suit your needs.

Re: Invoice size to Thermal printer

Hi apmuthu
Really it is Painful task. you mean all i need is under this file rep107.php is there any file need customize?
please i need help on this can you give me the line code for font size, line code for width and column so that i can try to do it

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Read and understand the said file and make small adjustments where you see font and observe the changes in the output and then go from there.

You can also post a bounty in the Jobs offered board here for others to see if it is worth their while to assist you.

Re: Invoice size to Thermal printer

I am also interested in this and checked out this file omg,

Please point me to the section in the code for the layout of the receipt. I will go from there and share my result when i am done

I have made a copy of #107

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You may want to look at

But from what I understand FA uses a customised older version (I think) but most should be relevant.

FA's tcpdf.php file is in reporting/includes do not modify this file! but each function is very well commented so is useful.

Hope this helps

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I wrote some additonal details here Slip printer