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Account numbers could be a helpful thing to have, especially when you have to deal with a lot of business using similar name. This should avoid any confusion.
Also it will make it easier and faster to do searches for transactions.

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Do you mean prefixing the Account Number to the Account Name in search results?

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Account number as a unique ID for each account.
Each Account have an ID in database, that can be use, or a complete new number.

Forman and Son Enterprises -> account# 235
Forman Design and Something -> account #244

So when the customer call with questions about the account all you need is the account number (which by the way can also be the phone number) and make it easier and faster to search.

In US a lot of companies associate your phone number with the account number, so when you call, before they answer your call they pull up your account info to speed up the process.

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A simple php file can be created to interface with your PBX, extract the caller id, lookup FA crm files for the contact's number and extract the customer id and then call up the ledger folio record for the customer using the appropriate FA link with it in the URL. That way a pop up will get triggered when a call is answered (eg., AsteriskPBX). For vTigerCRM, this is done in my vTiger repo on GitHub for interfacing with AsteriskPBX.