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On the inventory planning report some stock items indicate that zero for the months 1,2,3,4 5 and 3*M and indicates 20 for QOH; 3 for CustOrd; 0 Supp Ord, 0 Sugg Ord.

There were however transactions for months 1,2,3,4,5 and there should be an amount for 3*m. Why would it not display these transactions on some stock items?

It makes it very difficult to plan stock this way. When the Inventory Item Movement report and inquiry is drawn, it indicates that there were movements for the specific stock item for the same periods.

Suggestions would be appreciated. Unfortunately I am not able to add attachments.




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Upload attachments somewhere and provide link here. Check MySQL / apache error logs for hints.

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Hi I have the same problem please.  The Inventory Sales Report does show all my sales.  But the Inventory Planning report shows only some of my sales.  Example.  Customer 1 buys item A and customer 2 buys item A.  Both show on the Inventory Sales Report, but only 1 show on the inventory planning report.  Thank you.  Ann Richmond

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Hello, just to clarify how the algorithm works.

In the report /reporting/rep302.php (Inventory Planning Report), line 175.

First the maximum of the last 4 months is calculated.
Then this maximum is multiplied with 3 to get a 3 months estimate.

This is based on known methods to eliminate the risk for one-time selling.

However, if you feel this is not good for you, then please give me a good argument to change this.


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@joe: Thanks for the explanation. Wiki-ed it.

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Joe, I am ok with the calculation, I just can't figure out why some sales appear on the report and some do not.

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Is it possible that the said report ignores invoices not in the period of 3/4 months? Can you provide a small backup where you can show - how it is - and - how it should be - scenarios - preferably in the en_US-demo.sql instance of a Training Co.?

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Hi, this is my first post, although I have been using FA for a few years now. Absolutely outstanding system. Seahawk's post was about my system when I asked him to try and solve it, and I see Randr has the same problem.
Only in Inventory Planning Report the monthly unit sales is 0 for about 25% of the stock items. The average monthly sales is thus also 0, although it shows the correct QOH, Supp Ord and Cust Ord. The Sugg Ord is then also not correct.
The correct unit sales are available from inventory movements, but it is quite a job to extract everything manually. The other reports seem to be all OK.
Some of the older DOS programs had a "rebuild indexes" option which solved this type of problem, or am I going in the wrong direction?

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Please read @joe's post above (4th post). @randr and @seahawk have not provided their sql dumps for analysis.

Rebuilding indexes in FA is quite simple - drop the index and recreate it from the schema in the Chart of Accounts used.

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Hi, I'm working on @BigFunHappens's system and is trying to solve the same problem as what seahawk enquired about.

Here is an example of the problem:

The image shows an example of the inventory planning report as is shown in our system.
The values inside of the red border are incorrect.

Many items function as intended like the 1st item in the example report, but some items have the same problem as the 2nd item.

I have tried to access the MySQL logs but it seems as if we cannot view the logs with our current web host package. Could this be true?

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Hi, you can obtain a backup copy of the database as described here in the wiki

You need to give us more info for us to help you -

apmuthu wrote:

Upload attachments somewhere and provide link here. Check MySQL / apache error logs for hints.

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You can still insert file write statements to spit out the inspection points / variable values. Read the Wiki.

Inventory Planning Report is reporting/rep302.php.

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To produce the report did you filter by catergory or location?

Something else that may help is go to Items & Inventory -> Inventory Item Movement select the item you have a problem with, select the time frame and post the screen shot of the result

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@joe: Lines 50 and 52 can be removed in reporting/rep302.php as there can be only one description for one id for both category_id and stock_id fields.

Also Line 77  filters on ST_CUSTCREDIT (11) and ST_CUSTDELIVERY (13) instead of on ST_SUPPRECEIVE (25) and ST_CUSTDELIVERY (13) and the need to take care of transactions pertaining to ST_MANUISSUE (28) and ST_MANURECEIVE (29) with the signs being taken care of as well.

Further, lines 38 and 39:

            IF(move.stock_id IS NULL, '', move.loc_code) AS loc_code,
            SUM(IF(move.stock_id IS NULL, 0, move.qty)) AS qty_on_hand

can be re-coded as

            COALESCE(move.loc_code, '') AS loc_code,
            SUM(COALESCE(move.qty, 0)) AS qty_on_hand