Topic: How to Email a Quote?

I am coming from Sage (used it for small business) and I have FrontAccounting set up on Windows 10 with XAMPP (so, FrontAccounting is run locally, and not on another web server). It's a bit overwhelming, and I've been digging through documentation and forums, and can't find the answer.

How can I go about setting things up so I can email a quote, using my business's email address? I assume I need to put in SMTP details, and the farthest I've gotten is opening that is located in C:\xampp\htdocs\account\reporting\includes. I don't know what I'm looking at or what to edit. Or even if I have the right document open? Or maybe I can edit something in the GUI? But the only thing I can find there is Setup > Company Setup, and then I enter my email address. But I can't find SMTP detail in the GUI.

I just want to send a quote, and the quote coming from my business's email address (so it's actually sent with it, authorized; not a fake email or anything).

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Refer Wiki.

Re: How to Email a Quote?

That wiki could use an update, because there is now a BCC address in the company setup.

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Done - Wiki Updated.