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Any one can help to how to use Fixed Assets and depreciation for frontaccounting 2.4?

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Fixed Assets was an extension in FA 2.3 and is builtin to FA 2.4 natively. The wiki does not yet have a page on it.. Fixed Assets on the Wiki

To configure the Fixed Assets, enable the role for it (Fixed Assets Configuration), save the role and logout and login again.

The attached screenshots are self explanatory.

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I got the same problem too. can't process depreciation and i can't find any tutorial about this.does anyone can help??

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Re: Fixed Asset Purchase

Hi, good folks.

fixed asset purchase comes with 1 qty item? the qty column(field) is greyed out. if you have two items of an asset, you cannot capture the other one. has anyone a clue about how to enable the qty field editable?

in anticipation of your kind response