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This is a First FrontAccounting ERP 2.4.1 release.

This version provides a couple of new important features (in addition to all the
features merged from latest 2.3.25 and 2.3.26 releases), but main development effort was
focused on internal architecture changes and cleanups to make future FA development

At the time of release most of optional extension modules available from central
extensions repo has been also ported to 2.4 and should be mostly usable. Most Themes are
updated and many new Themes are available.

Please report any bugs/problems found via our
Mantis Bugtracker at

Download instructions

In Sourceforge FrontAccounting (, select
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.1.

For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.


  • Fixed typos in installer translation files, fixed translations in dashboard procedures.

  • Fixed access control to tabbed dialogs in Items/Suppliers/Customers.

  • Fixed security check for last tab in tabbed_content.

  • Fixed broken html enities handling in longer TextWrap fields in reports.

  • Increased space for built in number columns etc. in reports.

  • Fixed problem with installing third party extension packages.

  • Bug submitting forms in FA 2.4.x when checkbox field not changed. Fixed

  • 0003658: Errors during reference line edition when no table prefix is used.

  • 0003733: Fixed php7 compatibility issue.

  • Improved entropy for report file urls.

  • Fixed problems with excel report generation.

  • Added a small Arabic font file, reporting/fonts/zarnormal.ttf, and improved the builtin DashBoard.

  • 0003789: Comments is cut off when actual invoice is printed. Maximized to 130 characters.


  • 0003816: Customer Credit Note (stand alone) does not restore inventory

  • Customer Balances Report | Allocated column not showing correctly. Fixed.

  • 0003780: Sales Invoice to partial delivery was improperly issued as final prepayment invoice.

  • Sales type bug in tax_included (persistent on). Fixed.


  • 0003585: 'Exclude from purchase' function not working in PO.

  • Dimension is missing in Supplier Invoice View GL Rows. Fixed a parameter bug in add_supp_invoice_gl_item.

  • Supplier Payment: by default bank account is selected to be the same as that used on the last payment for
    the supplier (if any, or default currency account otherwise).

  • 0003667: Fixed incomplete supplier payment link after entering supplier invoice.

  • 0003795: Fixed incorrect GL postings for cash purchase invoices.

  • Supplier Balances Report | Allocated column not showing correctly. Fixed.

tems and Inventory

  • Fixed A Bug in Item Sales Summary Report

  • Optimized Inventory Valuation Reports, 301 and 308.


  • 0003761: Reorder email is not sent for items used work order (below reorder level). Fixed.

Fixed Assets

  • 0003862: Straight Line Depreciation value calculation is wrong

  • 0003863: Fixed Assets Valuation Report Includes inactive Items with Valuation

  • 0003864: Fixed Asset Sales GL Transactions were wrong. Fixed.

Bank and General Ledger

  • Fixed bug in bank account edition

  • Bloomberg Rate has changed their wrapper from span to div.

  • Fixed date checks in is_date_in_fiscalyears().

  • Minor bug in deleting fiscal years.

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Congratulations! ,,
such a huge effort and time needed to make FA great.

Thank you.

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Thats simple great !!!
i will try to check it ASAP

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@joe, I have some custom modifications in FA 2.4 RC1. Is it possible to know exactly which files have been changed from 2.4 RC to 2.4.1 so that my custom modification remains intact.

Great Work FA Team

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You could look in the CHANGELOG.txt file. It will give an overview what has been changed and the files changed. You should go back and start at the 2.4 RC release and look upwards

For detailed changes, you can also look in the Git repo on, branch unstable.

Git repository


Re: Release 2.4.1

2017-05-22 : FA 2.4.1
2016-02-23 : FA 2.4RC1

The aqua and cool themes have been removed.
The canvas and dropdown themes have been added.
Quite a few other files have been removed.

The New/Modified files are attached.

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Hi, When we add/edit tax groups, it is checking all the taxes as applicable to that group. To replicate, try to create a new tax group and then select only one tax and save. Click on edit again and you will see all taxes will be applicable to this group.

Hope this info will help.


Re: Release 2.4.1

Please don't use this anouncement forum for this.

However the issue has been fixed and the Repository is updated.


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All fixes since release of FA 2.4.1 are attached herewith as of 2017-07-21.

All FA 2.4.1 extensions are at:

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The config.php file's English wiki page has been updated for FA 2.4.x and the old one for FA 2.3.x archived. The various language translators of the wiki are advised to update them as well.