Topic: Installing Third Party Extension is not working

i was trying to install my local extension on FA.2.4.2.  But its throwing Version insufficiency issue. So i digged into the portion which helps to install and activate a third party extension.
There i found an issue which i am giving it here.  function "local_extension" helps to create create array for the third party extension installation. Which creates a sub array and input it on "installed_extenions.php"file.  Here 

 version  => '-' 

..This should be giving trouble, It has to allow the code to get the extension version.  But it seems empty and based on this version issue,the new third party extension can't be activated.

$exts[$next_extension_id++] = array(
            'package' => $id,
            'name' => $id,
            'version' => '-',
            'available' => '',
            'type' => 'extension',
            'path' => 'modules/'.$id,
            'active' => false

That's it. the core admin can take some changes to make this run again

Re: Installing Third Party Extension is not working

What is the solution to it? Temporarily I just commented following line before Continue;

if (check_value('Active'.$i) && !check_src_ext_version($ext['version']))
                display_warning(sprintf(_("Package '%s' is incompatible with current application version and cannot be activated.\n")
                    . _("Check Install/Activate page for newer package version."), $ext['name']));

But that should not be the solution. Kindly help.

After I commented this the extension is installed and working also.

Re: Installing Third Party Extension is not working

It appears that third party extensions are not allowed an extension number in FA. The code is used in function local_extension() in admin/inst_module.php. The function handle_delete() in the same file refers to the version not being a hyphen for a standard uninstall.

Re: Installing Third Party Extension is not working

I have a solution temporarily to install my extensions on the newer version of FA. You can find it when you try simple hrm or some of my other exrensions.  Also i just revamped my Vanigam theme with its responsives, Those who are interested to demo it.  Just take a look at my blog and followed by Vanigam theme.   There is demo credentials.