I want the system to show me the total cost of the sales I am entering. This information is only for the admin and will not get display/printed on any invoices.

Is there already a way to do that, if not we will need to consider it for future release.



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I figured out myself. So if someone is interested, here is what you need to do:

            // Print Local Currency if Customer currency is USD
            if ($myrow['curr_code'] == "USD")
                $rep->TextCol(3, 6, _("TOTAL INVOICE IN AED"), - 2);
                $price_in_aed = $DisplayTotal * 3.685;
                $price_in_aed = number_format($price_in_aed, 2);
                $rep->TextCol(6, 7, $price_in_aed, -2);

            // End New Code


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I was looking to make some changes in the printed invoice where I want to print the invoice total in local currency when the customer currency is different from the company currency.

I am looking in the rep107.php file, but I wasn't able to locate how I could put an If condition to check if the two currencies are different. Could anyone point me in the right direction, please.