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Release 2.3.11

Posted by Joe (joe) on May 21 2012
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Release 2.3.11 is available for download at SourceForge.


This release is a 2.3.11 release, and is considered as stable.


  • Fixed a rounding error in - price_in_words().
  • Fixed bug in attachments uploading.
  • Fixed an IE7/8 Javascript problem on some screens.
  • Fixed regression in GetText tests in System Diagnostics.
  • Fixed a bug in floatcmp(). Missing parenthesis in the last condition.
  • Date-field (screen) increased from 9 to 10 characters. Problems seeing the date on Mac.
  • Report uses default language, not user's preferred language.
  • Fixed a login problem on IIS.
  • Fixed lang domain switching in hooks_invoke_first/hook_invoke_last (Modules).


  • Autocreating branch. Fixed location and shipping defaults.
  • Required Delivery date was not implemented properly.
  • Option for changing invoice date when creating recurrent invoices.
  • Modifying Sales Invoice (with allocations) causes negative allocations.
  • When editing a sales order with a price list, the price was null.
  • Better check for duplicate references in multiuser environments for sales documents.


  • Supplier Credit Notes raises false error about QOH.
  • Cosmetic fix in viewing supp invoice payments section.

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed a typo in location variable.
  • The GRN Valuation Report had tax included in price if this was set on supplier.


  • Fixed email multiplication when bulk work order report is generated.


Banking and General Ledger

  • Fixed multiplied amounts in Journal Inquiry.
  • Tax from a Journal Entry was presented wrong.
  • Layout improvements in Bank Transfer.
  • Improved report Journal Entries (rep702.php) to show memo in multiple lines.

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