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Release 2.0 Beta.

Posted by Joe (joe) on Apr 11 2008
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Release 2.0 Beta is now available for download at For new installations, please read the install.html. For updating from 1.XX, please read the update.html. Note that this is an unstable release, so do not run your business here yet. Please report bugs here on the Forum.

New features in this release:

  • Optional Replacement of Listboxes for Items, Customers and/or Suppliers with a Search Box.
  • Salesman Provisions and Breakpoints for calculating Provisions for Salesmen. New Salesmen Report.
  • Documents can have more than one Row with the same Stock ID.
  • Separation of Customer Invoice Issue and Goods Delivery.
  • Direct Delivery Entry.
  • Direct Invoice Entry.
  • Batch Invoicing for more than one Delivery.
  • Template Delivery and Invoicing. Can be Marked in Sales Order Inquiry.
  • Most of Sales Documents are editable.
  • Links to Print Documents after entry.
  • Links to Print Documents in inquiries.
  • An Update Script for easily batch updating the Company Databases for New Releases.
  • Rewrite of 'View or Print Transactions'.
  • Rewrite and better Tax Routines. Moving Tax Included from Tax Groups to Sales Types.
  • Automatic Calculation of Average Item Material Cost from PO Delivery and Work Order Entry.
  • Units of Measure moved to company database.
  • Numeric inputs for percent/price/exrate amounts is now related to user display formats.
  • Better program structure. Moved many folders to /company/0 where /0 is the company number.
  • Optional Wiki Help Integration.
  • A Lot of Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Cleaning up the Scripts and removing Redundant Materials.
  • FA is now PHP 4 and PHP 5 compatible and should run on MySQL 3.23 - 5.X.X Servers

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