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Release 1.16

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jan 28 2008
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As an optional replacement for items, customers and suppliers listboxes,
there have been created 3 variables in config.php, $no_item_list, $no_customer_list and $no_supplier_list.
When any of these values is set to 1 instead of the default 0, the
listbox is replaces by a textbox for search, a search button and a
listbox for placing the search result.
For customers and suppliers you can search for anything within a name.
If you search for say, na, all names that has na inside it will show
up in the list, and you can select the correct one.
For items you can search in a similar way for stock_id, category or item name.

The reason for this replacement is that these listboxes can only hold about
1000 items, but already with 100 items it tends to get confusing reading them.

These 3 config.php variables will be moved to the company table in the next major release
that is expected to ship in May this year.

Several bugs and warnings have been fixed. Look in the CHANGELOG.txt file. You can
also read this file in the CVS repository at

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