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Release 1.13

Posted by Joe (joe) on Sep 14 2007
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Release 1.13 has been added to SourceForge. Added optional link for electronic payment on invoices (PayPal). Better support for install/update languages. Bank Address field changed to multirows. Minor adjustments. Fixed a vulnerable item in config.php. Follow the instructions in install.html or update.html.

Look in the CHANGELOG.txt for changes since release 1.12.

Much better support for installing/updating languages. A new upload field has been added to upload the PO file as well. This is mandatory if the GETTEXT is not installed on the Server. FrontAccounting will create a PHP file with the translations that will be used if GETTEXT is not installed. Alfred adressed the problem in the Setup Forum.

As a start we have added an optional link for electronic payments through PayPal. If chosen, the link will be in the lower part of the PDF-Invoice. The customer can just click this link and do his payment.

If you send the Invoice(s) by email, this link will also be in the email to the customer.

We observed a vulnerable item in CONFIG.PHP that could lead to troubles. This has been fixed.


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