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Release 1.12

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Jul 27 2007
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A new Release 1.12 has been added to Sourceforge.
We have added Budget Entry in the General Ledger. Select the tab Banking and General Ledger. In the right section, just below Journal Entry, there is a new menu, Budget Entry.
First select the fiscal year. Default is the current. Then select the account. If you want a detailled budget on the dimensions, select the dimension. Click on 'Get'. If there is already a budget it will show up. You will also see the real amounts from last year. These values can be used as a comparison. If you didn't select dimensions, you will see a column with the budget totals included the dimensions.
If you make your budget per dimensions they will be accumulated on the account when presenting in the Profit and Loss Statement. Try it for yourself. It is quite intuitive. You can select the budget as a column when you select the Profit and Loss Statement Report in General Ledger.
We have also made a change in the parameters for the Sales Order report. An option to print the Sales Order as a Quote. This is not an optimal solution, but it workds.
Finally we have added an option to handle other Calendar types than the Gregorian that we normally use. People from Arabic Nations have had this wish. It was really not that difficult to add this option. In CONFIG.PHP there is a new global variable, $date_system. The default value for this is 0 which is the Gregorian that we normal use. If you want to use Jalali (used in Iran and neighbour countries, Afghanistan and some other Asian Countries), you set this value to 1. Other Arabic countries use the Islamic Calendar. Set the value to 2 in this case.
You will work with these new calendars all over the program, included the date picker.
Internally the date values are still stored as Gregorian values in the MySQL. They must be.

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