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Release 1.1

Posted by Administrator (admin) on May 02 2007
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Release 1.1 is now available on

Please read our Install Guide when installing for the first time or Update Guide if you are updating from a prior release.

This release contains mostly the module addons, explained in the former news article.

This enables us, and you, to easily write export/import or other module files in PHP using our internal high-level API.

We have already placed a couple of examples in the DL Modules sub page. These simple examples only demonstrates the usage of the modules. They are not doing anything seriously. But download them and look at the possibilities if you are a PHP developer.

We will not care about languages in the modules. Many of them would be country specific, but if a module is of Global Interest, we should consider writing them with English texts. That way it is easy for people to translate the small amount of texts inside these modules.

No modules are intended to be incorporated in the normal package, but can be downloaded from the DL Modules sub page.

We will gradually upload interesting modules, and we have contact with a scandinavian developer, that are interesting in writing two modules. One for sending electronic invoices and one for importing electronic invoices from suppliers. Very interesting.

Other possibilities are import of sales orders or invoices from various Web Shops. Please help us with this if you can.

There are certainly several other systems that need a form of integration with an Accounting System like FrontAccount, don't you think?



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