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Release 1.0.1

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Apr 26 2007
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Release 1.0.1 is now on Sourceforge. fixing the bugs and including a Date Picker,  the changes for selection lists customers/suppliers and the Audit Trail.

If you don't want the Date Picker, you can turn it off in config.php on line 71, $use_date_picker = 0.Date Picker

If you don't want the Audit Trail, you can turn it off in config.php on line 74, $use_audit_trail = 0.

The Date Picker is on the right hand side of all date fields in FrontAccounting.

The Audit Trail does a user_id stamp in the memo_ field in GL trans. If there is other text in the memo_ field, the user_id is stamped before that text.

The two selection lists in customer/supplier reports are replaced with a single one. Default is No Filter, otherwise you can select a single item.

The customer/supplier lists are now sorted by name instead of the id. This gives a better overview.

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