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Added Electronic Payments for Invoices.

Posted by Joe (joe) on Sep 07 2007
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Added optional electronic payment link on invoices. When you select printing of invoices in the Customer and Sales Reports you can now select Payment Link in the parameter section of the report. At the moment there is only PayPal included. More to come later.

If the you select this option the PDF report will have this link printed in the lower part of the invoice. Its is a real link. If your customer places the mouse curser over it, it will display the link, and if he presses the mouse button he will be directed to a safe PayPal payment page. Here the customer can pay the invoice safely.

If you choose to send the invoices by email, this link will also be included in the email to the customer. This link can also be used to enter the safe payment page at PayPal.

Before you can use it you have to check that you have an account at PayPal. You must also check that the Company email is registered on the account at PayPal.

You can get the changed files at the CVS repository at SourceForge. The following files need to be downloaded and sent to your server.


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