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About new release 1.0.1

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Apr 26 2007
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We are just about releasing 1.0.1. Mainly it includes a Date Picker for all the date fiedls. But we also want to include a few other things.

Customer selectionThere are a couple of suggestions at Sourceforge about changing the selection lists for customers/suppliers. Instead of having one selection for From and one selection for To it would be better only having a single one with a default line of 'No Filter'. Also there are a suggestion of sorting the lists ascending on the name for better overview.

We are about to make these changes, but would like to hear your comments on that.

There are also a suggestion in the forum on this site about an Audit Trail. We have a simple solution to that, and would like your opinions on that too.

In case these changes could be done in this easy way, we will incorporate these changes in 1.0.1 as well.

None of the simple suggestions will bring changes to  the database structure.

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