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2.0 Release Candidate (RC1)

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jun 10 2008
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2.0 Release Candidate (RC1) is finally ready for download at Some last minute problems arose. They are now solved. Follow the instructions in the install.html/update.htm.

New features in 2.0

  • Optional Replacement of Listboxes for Items, Customers and/or Suppliers with a Search Box.
  • Salesman Provisions and Breakpoints for calculating Provisions for Salesmen. New Salesmen Report.
  • Documents can have more than one Row with the same Stock ID.
  • Separation of Customer Invoice Issue and Goods Delivery.
  • Direct Delivery Entry.
  • Direct Invoice Entry.
  • Batch Invoicing for more than one Delivery.
  • Template Delivery and Invoicing. Can be Marked in Sales Order Inquiry.
  • Most of Sales Documents are editable.
  • Links to Print Documents after entry.
  • Links to Print Documents in inquiries.
  • An Update Script for easily batch updating the Company Databases for New Releases.
  • Rewrite of 'View or Print Transactions'.
  • Rewrite and better Tax Routines. Moving Tax Included from Tax Groups to Sales Types.
  • Automatic Calculation of Average Item Material Cost from PO Delivery and Work Order Entry.
  • Units of Measure moved to company database.
  • Numeric inputs for percent/price/exrate amounts is now related to user display formats.
  • Better program structure. Moved many folders to /company/0 where /0 is the company number. Even company unique reports.
  • Optional Wiki Help Integration.
  • A Lot of Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Cleaning up the Scripts and removing Redundant Materials.
  • FA is now PHP 4 and PHP 5 compatible and should run on MySQL 3.23 - 5.X.X Servers
  • Sealed FA to avoid XSS Attacks via js db injection.
  • Moved the content of function header2 in to a separate file for better design support.
  • Automatic calculation of item prices from home currency and base sales type settings.
  • Prepared for ajax functionalily and implemented it partly. Optional hints desplay.
  • Moved menu-system from header/ to renderer.php for better support of themes.
  • Changed the html to be DOCTYPE html 4.01 transitional.
  • Datepicker now shows week number as well.
  • Current User can now change his password.

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