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The Users Manual has been removed. It was heavily outdated.

Please use our Wiki instead:

Developers APIdownloads: 762647 | type: zip | size: 10 kB

This is the first release of the Developers API.

When you are changing something inside FrontAccounting or you are writing an add-on module you typically need an overview over the functions you can use to get your changes/modules to look the same way as FrontAccounting.

You will need some database routines, some UI routines when creating forms for adapting data from your user, some routines for displaying the data to the user. You will also need some date conversions functions, amount formatting functions that automatically follow the underlying settings for FrontAccounting.

The functions presented here are only a small selection of the functions inside FrontAccounting. They are the most commonly used, however, please have a closer look inside the referenced files. Even for understanding the behavior of the functions it is a good idea to study the routines carefully.

Developers API (Spanish-Mexican)downloads: 761837 | type: zip | size: 12 kB

This is the Developers API in Spanish-Mexican language. Translated by Héctor from Mexico.

Database Scheme for FrontAccounting 2.0downloads: 762088 | type: zip | size: 10 kB

Database Scheme for FrontAccounting 2.0. The zip file contains one HTML file, scheme.html.

May-16-2008. New release.
Jun-07-2008. New Release.

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