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Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Hello. Excuse my ignorance but is it possible to get updated copies of the affected program files so that these can simply be overwritten in the appropriate FA subdirectories?

Regards Barry

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Hello @BarryHavenga, check post # 90 by @BraathWaate


Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Hello all,

I stepped out of the conversation for about a year, my financial year was running and I was too busy (and confused) to focus/follow the conversation/solution.
As a new years resolution and with high hopes, I gave it another swing. A proper one.

So what is the deal?
My production version is v2.3.26 and running alright, but I like to move forward in order to use new functions and be able to use PHP 7.x

What did I do?
===Trial 1===
1.1) Clean install of v2.4.7
1.2) Upgraded old DB (no errors)
1.3) Encountered the tax issue

===Trial 2===
2.1) Clean install of v2.4.7
2.2) Upgraded old DB (no errors)
2.3) Used dutch COA as posted by @apmuthu in this topic for a new company
2.4) Compared my production DB with the fresh DB from the @apmuthu COA (no real biggies, but several small changes)
2.5) Inserted all my production data into the fresh DB from the @apmuthu COA
2.6) Looked around and gained a lot confidence in my upgraded production DB
2.7) Encountered tax issue

===Trial 3===
3.1) Applied the 8 file changes from @Braath Wate git branch on v2.4.7
3.2) Carried on with my upgraded production DB from Trial 2
3.2) Encountered tax issue

===Trial 4===
4.1) Pulled complete git branch from @Braath Wate
4.2) Used that to install clean version of v2.4.6
4.3) Imported my my upgraded production DB from Trial 2
4.4) Slipped in DB row in table  `0_sys_prefs` as per his branche
4.5) Encountered tax issue

All 4 trials show exact same tax issue

As an image says more than words (available for 31 days)....
Tax 2018 on v2.3.26 https://i.postimg.cc/jq8VHJ2t/image.png
Tax 2018 on v2.4.x https://i.postimg.cc/52WMyWjC/image.png

I have no idea how to resolve this and/or how to move forward. Any ideas?

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Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Hi Sledge,

What I would have done:

===Trial 3===
3.1) Applied the 8 file changes from @Braath Wate git branch on v2.4.7
3.2) Carried on with my upgraded production DB from Trial 2
3.3) Slipped in DB row in table  `0_sys_prefs` as per his branch (Just o make sure it exists)
3.4) Setup->Company Setup->Tax Bank Payments and Deposits (Ticked)
3.5) Test and advise if OK

Good Luck

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Make sure that Tax Bank Payments and Deposits is checked in Company preferences.   The default is not checked.  With this checked, the pull request should result in the same output as 2.3.

As you discovered in your first two trials, 2.4 does not have this code.  I believe it may be planned for 2.5.

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Quick reply just to thank you both, Braath and rafat.
First tests look promising (v2.4.6 branch). I'm a bit short on time now, but will return soon with my findings on a brand new install of v2.4.7. Either later today or after the weekend.

Big thank you for all participants of this topic. It took (me) a while, but you've really made my day. Awesome! Now I can stick to FA smile)

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Okay gents, I had some time to waste.

TLDR; I'm not out of the woods yet.

What did I do?
===Trial 5===
5.1) Started with a clean install of v2.4.7
5.2) Applied file changes from the @Braath Wate branch v2.4.6
5.3) Grabbed converted DB from Trial 1
5.4) Applies DB change from the @Braath Wate branch v2.4.6
5.5) Ticked the "Setup->Company Setup->Tax Bank Payments and Deposits" box
5.6) Compared several report (especially tax related) between this installation and my production v2.3.6

It looks very very promising. There is only one thing not taken into account, which IMHO needs to be. My accountant generally makes some journal entries at the end of the booking year to cross the t's and dot the i's (most entries concerns partly private use of company goods). Quite often this implies a small rectification of tax. In v2.3.26 this was correctly reflected in the Tax Inquiry. It is not reflected at all in v2.4.x and/or @Braath Wate branch.

Even though I can't figure out why v2.4 has changed big time on the tax part (other people have accountant and do journal entries, right?), I thought it would be a relative minor issue for now as I only have journal entries once a year. So I carried on to see how all was working.

I probably missed it before, but it turns out that the conversion of my DB from v2.3.6 to 2.4.x is not that good after all. I lost access to all my customers. After digging into the DB, and comparing it to my v2.3.6 DB, I noticed two or three major issues;

A - in table `0_cust_branch, column `br_address`is stripped to something like 60 characters or so, losing the majority of the second half of the adresses

B - Table `0_debtors_master` turned out to be completely empty, as in 'no data entries'

I've tried to restore/repair things manually, a bit tricky though as some columns were moved around and so. I gain various results, but I'm running out of time for today. I'm thinking of doing a new conversion of v2.3.6 to v2.4.x and meanwhile keep an close eye on this.

However, I stumbled on another significant difference between both DBs. Not sure if it is related. Not even sure if it will cause an issue, but I find it very odd.

C - The last two columns of table `0_gl_trans` (known as respectively `person_type_id` and `person_id') are transformed into NULL for the big majority (like 90 to 95%) of my entries.

As said, I plan on doing another DB upgrade from v2.3.6 to v2.4.x. However, any tips are more than welcome.

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

When entering journal entries, make sure that "Include in tax register" is checked.  Then they should appear on Tax Inquiry.

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Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

My apologies on that bit Braath, I wasn't completely clear:
I was looking (comparing) historical tax data. Noted some small differences and concluded they exist due to journal entries dated on 31st of Decembers of different years made by my accountant.

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

TLDR; Time to pop the champagne!

What did I do?
===Trial 6===
6.1) Made a fresh DB dump from my v2.3.26 production
6.2) Did a clean install of v2.3.26
6.3) Created USA DEMO DB v2.3.26
6.4) Compared DBs and adjusted my version, even reorganised columns (probably not required). Had to adjust a handful (secondary) keys. Imported my adjusted DB and thoroughly confirmed working
6.5) Imported my adjusted DB into v.2.4.7 with applied Braath Wate changes and upgraded my DB
6.6) Compared USA DEMO DB v2.4.7 with my DB to make it 100% tickety-boo
6.7) Made a copy of my DB and went nuts on everything I could think of, comparing (with v2.3.26), adding entries and so on.
6.8) Finally Braath's last comment made sense (make sure that "Include in tax register" is checked)

Still journal entries on closed booking years will make discrepancies on tax reports of those relative timespans. A theoretically and minor issue, as it has zero operational impact. All other balances and reports have a 100% historical match with my v2.3.26. With that I now fully grasp Braath his last comment and have seen the outcome. This works during regular accounting and future journal entries.

6.9) I've backed up my v2.3.26 production environment, updated my php to v7.3 and am running v2.4.7-Braath now smile

I have a two minor things. One is regarding a invoice-report and I will probably open a new topic for that, if I can't figure it out. The other one might be answered here straight away. It seems like I have two obsolete tables in my DB, knowing;
A quick search on the forum shows that `x_sys_types`indeed became obsolete. However, for `x_company` I can't seem to find any details at first sight (however, looking at the content of the table I'm happy to bin it).
Can someone confirm I can delete both tables?

Ps. As can been seen in this Trial 6, I've completely skipped the Dutch COA that was created by Apmuthu in this topic. It shows quite some discrepancies with the empty USA COA. Other than the differences between 'char' and 'varchar' (which will probably not cause any harm at all), it shows a couple 'KEY'-differences which might have severe impact (way out of my league). In example on tables;
    - `0_bom`
    - `0_crm_contacts`
    - `0_cust_allocations`
    - `0_debtor_trans_details`
    - `0_loc_stock`
    - `0_sales_orders`
    - `0_supp_allocations`
    - `0_tax_types`
Just to let you guys know, as you are the frontaccount guru's. I do appreciate all efforts made to help me, including the creation of the custom made Dutch COA. Thank you!

Finally, to all: Thank you so much for all effort in general and help to me especially. Awesome community!

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

The Dutch CoA has been updated as there was one "inactive" named field which was out of sequence. Also it differs from the en_US-new.sql in that it has some masters data as well and is suitable for a New Install.

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

Much appreciated on behalf of the Dutch @apmuthu.
I know we're a minority here (unfortunately), but keeping things like this up to date helps to attract more Dutch people.

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Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info

HI all

Have not been part of the discussion for a while.

The changes from @Braath Waate worked within the 3.4.7 but it seems to be broken in 3.4.8 again. Not pulling the VAT from GL Bank payments and receipts, nor Journal corrections.

Is anybody else experiencing the problem again?


Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info


I applied the changes to 2.4.8 and it works OK for me.
Of course the changes are not part of any 2.4.x distribution and need to be applied when one upgrades from one release to the other, I understand its going to be part of the 2.5 release.

Re: Tax Inquiry - Does not show output tax info


I can confirm rafat's statement. It works like a charm on v2.4.8