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ichtus wrote:

the exchange rates seems doubled from the last transaction, we check in the table currency, values in the some dates is wrong get from google shown 0.0001, but we have correctly this to 0.000074954090619496, even in the pages https://domain/fa/gl/manage/exchange_rates.php? this always shown 0.0001.

there was exchange rate display bug indeed, which just has been fixed in our repo.


Re: Exchange Variance Error

itronics wrote:

Those exchange variance postings are not any bug result, this is exactly how automatic currency accounts revaluation works.

When you make any foreign (i.e. not home) currency payment (or deposit), current money value on the related account is recalculated and the difference in value (due to changed exchange rate since recent currency operation) is posted. If you do not want this to be done automatically, you should set 'Automatic Revaluation Currency Accounts' option in your Company Setup to off.

Then you will have to make currency accounts revaluation manually when you need it, but those isolated automatic 'Exchange Variance' postings will not appear unexpectedly in your GL.


I'm not quite sure whether this issue caused by 'Automatic Revaluation Currency Accounts' or not. But I have been using FrontAccounting since 2012, and just happened this issue in June 2017. Now my Profit and Loss statement are totally messed up. And I have no idea how can I fix it.

Should I manually delete all "exchange variance"Journal entry??

Re: Exchange Variance Error

we are using IDR for second currency, and in the our petty cash for IDR, in somehow, in the gl transaction, balance show -, after some automatic exchange variances, and then calculation got double every time trans got input in the bank payment for account petty cash IDR.

as show in the screenshot, we have turn off automatic Exchange Varience, in the Setup Company.
1. gl inquiry -> bank payment ref 11 and journal entry ref 12 15-jan-2018, created negative balance for petty cash
2. bank account inquiry -> balance for the petty cash showing 205,393.00 (not negative value)


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