Hi, The trial balance format is somehow very old fashioned as it is showing both debit and credit entries of the same account head.

I don't have PHP coding knowledge but I want someone from the team member to change that format as opening balance should not be segregated as debit and credit it should be netted off and only balance should be shown.

If anyone can help me with that I would be highly obliged and I am using FA on webserver.

thanks and regards

Is there a way to post the Inward shipping Costs / Freight / Labeling Charges while posting the Purchase invoice through the DIRECT PURCHASE INVOICE option?

there is a simple way for doing it, if someone can add a separate line for such charges after the items costs it would solve the problem, if it is already placed please refer me to that forum topic if not then lets discuss how it can be acheived.

Equity Accounts are only SHARE CAPITAL, RETAINED EARNINGS (including Current year results profit or loss), and ANY LEGAL OR STATUTORY RESERVES.

Federal Taxes / State Taxes are paid against either any liability for the previous years, a deposit of Withholding tax deducted, State taxes on income generated, all of these taxes have nothing to do with Equity.

It would help if you created the provision against these taxes and then debit the payments against those provisions, this way they will be zeroed out at the year-end.