Update: We had modified the Dimension enquiry and it reports SQL query to include only P&L accounts, that solve the problem and Dimension balance is correct.

Update: now after we implemented all the Dimensions to be included in all GL accounts, the dimension balance had been messed up (Wrong Value).

Yes: it is useful when you extract a report for GL Account with a dimension, but the Dimension Balance becomes not usable as it accumulates the Debt and Credit on the same cost centre or dimension.

What do you think from the logical point, should we remove the dimensions from GL account and stick to the old method of adding it to P&L accounts only. Or filter the Dimensions Report and enquiries screens to exclude the non P&L Account?

Let me know what do you think.

Thanks all

at least it makes sense now.

While checking supplier and customer invoices GL, the GL entries have the dimension in the P&L accounts only while other accounts like tax account etc. are recorded without dimension.

I confirm saw that in the wiki (that dimensions are only support on the P&L accounts) (only the sales accounts and purchase accounts are stamped with the dimension in GL for the line values) https://frontaccounting.com/fawiki/index.php?n=Help.Dimensions

But the question here why? I could not figure out why only sales and supplier accounts are supported.

1- You may have a scenario where we need to filter taxes per dimension (as a project)
2- You may have a scenario where we need to filter customer account per dimension (as a project)

While you are able to assign the dimensions if you do the transaction using Journal Entry, not the modules (Sales or Purchase)

Would anyone please explain!!