When print Supplier trial Balances or supplier Balances , the inactive suppliers are printed in the report though in the drop down list for selecting suppliers the inactive are not shown .
I want the printed PDF not to display the inactive suppliers


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I need this module , who can make it and how much would it cost ?
I understand it is very similar to the KSA and the Indian E-invoice , so who ever makes this module will be usefull for three countries ,
and soon to be the rest of the world shortly


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Anybody succeeded in the A5 Paper ?

Where is this sales executive that needs to be installed ?

How Can I track Sales Commission Payments ,
Let us say I have a sales person , and his commission was 200 , and I paid him 100 and still owe him another 100,
How Can I track that ?
How would that be visible in the GL accounts

How can I see the Sales Commission in the GL accounts and in the Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Statement ?


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I would recommend having the ability to change the following according to the language ,
For Instance I have users that use the English language and Users that use the French Language
So what would be ideal is to have a translation for the following

GL Accounts                 (Language 1) (Language 2)
GL Account Groups      (Language 1) (Language 2)
GL Account Classes     (Language 1) (Language 2)

So the Inventory account would have two descriptions (Inventory) (French Word for Inventory)

the Groups also would have the same idea
and the classes too,

So that when the french user print a profit and loss statement it would be in french and the English would have it in English,

Thanks for the detailed explanation,
I did not understand , and i would recommend making the changes to the extension itself ,
ie., in the import_multujournalentries.php line 69

add_bank_transaction function would be changed to write_bank_transaction function with the appropriate variables list adjusted, this way the main Frontaccounting code would be kept intact

Can this be done:
Current Code

    elseif ($type == ST_BANKDEPOSIT || $type == ST_BANKPAYMENT) {
        add_bank_transaction($entry->trans_type, $bank_account, $entry, $entry->tran_date, // FA built-in function
            false, false, false, $entry->reference, $entry->memo_, false);

to be modified as

    elseif ($type == ST_BANKDEPOSIT || $type == ST_BANKPAYMENT) {
        write_bank_transaction($entry->trans_type, $curEntryId, $bank_account, $entry, $entry->tran_date, // FA built-in function
            false, false, false, $entry->reference, $entry->memo_, false);

Thanks very muc Apmuthu,
Now I am getting the error

Unhandled exception [0]: Call to undefined function add_bank_transaction(). in file: /xx/xxx/xxx//import_multijournalentries/import_multijournalentries.php at line 69

and when I checked Your github file that I installed i found that the function still exist in line 69
what should I do now ?

I am trying to import with the extension, it is not working,
when I turned the debug on I found the following errorrs
Undefined variable: trans_type in file: /var/www/xxx/xxx/xxx/import_multijournalentries.php at line 163Unhandled exception [0]: Call to undefined function add_bank_transaction(). in file: /var/www/xxx/xxx/xxx/modules/import_multijournalentries/import_multijournalentries.php at line 69
what can the problem be ?
best regards


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anything new concerning this post ? color and size variants

Hello ,
but If i use the your batch it will be different from the mainstream frontaccounting , then I will not be able to upgrade the regular frontacounting ?

@kvvaradha As you mentioned in Post # 12 that Batch system will be open source. How can I get it?