OK. I was seeing if we could fix the problem and then post the solution after.

This is the process I would follow/check:

- Is this a new fixed asset or have you had depreciation entries processed against this before?
- If there are previous depreciation entries, do these total less than 100%, and will adding this new entry still total less than 100%?
- If this is a new fixed asset, have you set up all the necessary configurations (Locations, Categories, Classes etc)? I believe you have but always good to check again
- Check which fiscal year you are posting in (Setup --> Company Setup)
- Check which fiscal year you bought the fixed asset in? Is there a gap between you buying the asset the new depreciation entry you're trying to process? e.g. You bought the asset in 2018, but you need to possibly create a journal between 2018 and 2019?

A lot of these are possibly not relevant but just ideas I am suggesting.

I would recommend (if you haven't done so already) you run reports to check that all the locations, categories etc are in place. Anything that isn't should throw up an error message.

If you could give as much information as you can as to how you have the fixed asset setup I can try and copy it on to my demo system and see if I can get the same problem.

The only way I can copy your error at the moment was by doing what was suggested before about changing the fiscal year, or not having any fixed assets.

Lets start with this and we will take it from there.


Sorry it wasn't clear. Just sent you a PM.

Best Regards


Hi all,

Bit of a newbie to FrontAccounting here, but I have  a "test" system setup I like to try these things on. I was able to setup a new fixed asset, and carried out the setup process without a problem. I was then able to depreciate the asset (posting in the current fiscal year as @apmuthu states).

However, I changed the fiscal year to a previous (closed) year, then attempted to depreciate the asset, and I got the error message.

I also tried to post in a previous (open) year, but couldn't post there either.

I hope this helps in some way.

Best Regards


Hello fellow UK member!

It's very interesting to see how this works. Even though my work has primarily been in accounts, I actually have a fair amount of knowledge in the programming languages used by FA.

I have been doing a bit of practice work on how to create an "extension" and all seems pretty standard. I might look into this to see if it is feasible for me to do.

Best Regards