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I have edited the Dutch language file since a lot of entries were missing or not correctly translated.
Unfortunately not all English labels were part of the Dutch language file. I have read posts that the missing English labels were added to the Dutch language file.

I like to support the translation of the labels and the wiki-pages in the Dutch language by offering my support.
How to proceed?

In the Netherlands annual reports also have to be submitted to the Dutch chamber of commerce in the XBRL language.  They also developed a standard set of GB-accounts in XBRL and XML-format. And South-Africa and the Netherlands are for sure not the only countries that complied or will comply in short notice to the XBRL-standard.
Would be great for the future development of FA if the XBRL-standard could be implemented indeed.

Please let us know if you are interested in or see the need of XBRL-connectivity / support in FA by a reply on this post.