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I want my manufacturing income statement showing conventional way can someone helps me how to do it.

    A    Sales                          XXXXXXXX
    B    Cost of Sales   
        Opening Stock                   xxxxxxxxx
    Add    Purchases                           xxxxxxxxx
        Total Purchases                   xxxxxxxxx
    Less    Closing Stock                   xxxxxxxxx
        Total Cost of Sales           xxxxxxxxx
C    A-B    Gross Profit                   xxxxxxxxx
D    Less    Geneal Admin Expenses    xxxxxxxxx
    C-D    Net Profit                             xxxxxxxxx


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Do you know other useful shortcut keys please send .  Regards


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Thanks dear really appreciated


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Hi could anyway we can create sales invoices directly created item codes while creating invoices.

Looking for Frontaccounting Developer for the customization and the development.

I solved the problem and that is not due to the reason of closed financial year but due to the strange way the transaction have been posted and accepted by the program. I found the reason from the list of transaction entries and matched it.

I have made entire efforts to balance but nothing got it someone of you can help me in order to find the way to balance it.

12,095,384    12,095,384  70,451,739  70,453,693  82,547,124.42    82,549,078.04
    0.00                               1,953.62     1,953.62

Hi i am looking for the material issuance for the projects ( not manufacturing)  and material receipts from the project.


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Is there anyways we can enter multiple job attendance. One labor working half days in project A and by 12 noon  and moves to project B from 12 noon to 5 P.M. Then how we could enter the two attendance time for one labor in hrms. please help.


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How could i manage to do project accounting in FA can anyone help here.  Actually we are doing Projects and issue the materials also from our warehouse but not involved in any manufacturing.