I can't see any entry in general ledger, the only one is Retained Earnings vs Profit/Loss Year.

Nothing about begin balances per accounts, from the before fiscal year to current fiscal year.

How to see those opening balance in current year, after closed previous year.

Is it a transaction in gl_trans? or how?

I understood ternary operator, but if format_number() or round() of php resolve that, ¿Why use it? and the other question ¿Why total amount of gl_trans is not 0?, my grand total is 0.0000000005820766091346741.

Hi there,

FA have a function round2(), that function include this line "$delta = ($number < 0 ? -.0000000001 : .0000000001);"What is the function of that?

When I have to calculate grand total on gl_trans, my total is some like that this, 0.0000000005820766091346741.  ¿Why is not 0?

Thank you for your help...

Thank you for the explanation.

The question is, what can I do for this definition?.
I see that in GL configuration, but I have no idea when the account is affected or where.
Is useful? for what?

Hi, I need to know how to use Bank Account Charge.

Thank you.

Go to the Option "fiscal years" into "setup" main options.

I had the same problem, and I think you have to change php.ini,


For me, it was my solution.


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I think, into /includes/ui/ one file named like that.  In this add all functions to fix issues of deprecated functions or fix others.

And then, add include into /includes/ui.inc


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But, if parameter is a string?  is_array() is useful to stop that error condition.


FA is a very easy and useful ERP, could you try to install and testing.  The only problem is the time you need to learn.

I think you need, attachments, bank_accounts, bank_trans, comments, dimensions, gl_trans and journal


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In my personal experiment, I added this function into ui_globals.inc

   function count_array($array){
        return (is_array($array)) ? count($array) : 0;

and replace in all php files "count(" by "count_array("

At this moment, its working for me.

Let me know if my solution works for all.


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I checked it and not in all cases have to be made changes.


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I got a solution:

in reports_classes.inc change on line 40.

$class_id = count($this->ar_classes);
$class_id = is_array($this->ar_classes) ? count($this->ar_classes) : 0;

What do you think?


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I have this error when users access to report area, the error log said:

reports_classes.inc:40: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

Anybody has an idea?

Thank you

Thank you for that tip, I already made the change.


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This solution works fine!

That solution works fine!

@poncho1234 in 7.1.12 works fine, then the problem for me is PHP 7.2.11.  Deprecated functions maybe? or something else....  I don't know.

I have the error in errors.log, everything else works fine.

I already have a new installation, the problem persist.  What can I do? or, what see in FA?.

0::session.inc:432:[before upgrade] ini_set(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time

FA works fine, but that is the only issue.

I am using FA 243, Xampp under windows and PHP 7.2.11