Thanks a lot Poncho1234. I was not aware about the WIKI guide link. Thanks a lot all went smoothly after following your link. I dont know why I could not see that, I looked for it every where after reading a few posts. But your response was more specific.

BIG thanks.

Dear FA Support,
Thanks in advance for the great job being done here. Thumbs up for FA. I need your help though.

I have my local server setup with MYSQL 5.6.21 and Apache/2.4.10. The FA runs well on default installations. My problem is that whatever module I install does not appear anywhere In the application areas but it shows as installed.

I have tried everything I can think of. Restart the computer, logoff, mention it. I cant see anything in relation to what i have added on. I even went as far as putting the full installation route in the browser and all I got was that I have no access privileges. Is there anything I need to do? I know PHP on a novice level so I cant figure out why am unable to make this work. A step by step guide will be highly appreciated. This is the same issue with all other modules not only "Inventory Items CSV Import" module.

Please I need some technical information of how to install the modules.