I am working on an import script for sales orders and I have not found any reference to what the invoiced field in sales_orders_details is used for.  Does 0 mean that it hasn't been invoiced and 1 mean it has been invoiced?  It is type double so maybe it is the quantity invoiced, or the total amount invoiced?  I don't see any reference to this field in the 2.3.x data schema so is this field a recent addition to FA?  Any insight would be helpful!

Thanks in advance!


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Hello, I am trying to figure out the "costed inventory movements" report.  I have received items at a location in another country and then transferred them to my country.  There were shipping costs, tax costs and import duty costs for this shipment but I don't see where that is supposed to entered in the inventory movement.  I'm hoping someone has this figured out so I can track landed costs for tax purposes.  Thanks!


I am trying out FA for the first time.  I set up 2 GST/HST accounts: 1 for GST/HST Collected and 1 for GST/HST ITCs.  I then set up a GST 5% tax, HST 13% tax and HST 15% tax.  Since it wouldn't let me assign all 3 tax rates to the same account, I did this in the database so that I can correctly account for GST/HST.  Is setting it up this way going to cause problems?  Thanks!