Thanks @joe and @Janusz
we wait for it

Sorry @kvvaradha
i mean i have same question with @boxygen

Unlike Customer payment, Supplier payment is not editable. Any solution for this

Hey @joe
i found same issue about edit supplier payment

Anyone help i have a problem, my purchase order print not showing.
when using debugger in firefox browser showing error message like this

Cookie “_ga” will be soon treated as cross-site cookie against “” because the scheme does not match.


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Thank you.
I have solving with this

1. disable php_gettext.dll in php.ini
2. add folluw instruction to install "Attachment file " in link above.

Note: i'm using XAMPP

Thank you


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I have an issue in FrontAccounting 2.4.8,
I have new install FA 2.4.8 with 3 language (chinese, english, indonesia)
after installation success, i was login and changing language (3 above) and the title not changing.

This is bugs?
I dont have any error during an installation.

Thank you

I made a Deposit for customer with journal like this.

Bank (Debit) 100
-- GL Deposit (Credit)  100

When I allocate deposit from menu "Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes", it is not creating journal.
For example;
I want clear invoice XYZ, with amount 20;

How can I get clearing journal like this?
GL Deposit (Debit)  20
-- AR Account (Credit)   20

Thank you,

Can I reverse an transaction "Supplier Invoice" in previous period?

I use monthly period.
If I do with Void Transaction in previous period, the amount of AP will be changing.

Does FA have a feature to reverse transaction, especially "Supplier Invoice" in open period?

Thanks you,