Hi.   Can we re-design and make it to multiple items adding options.

Hi All kindly if you can help to resolve one issue that i dont know how i get my sales entries , quotation , order , deliver and direct invoice and the credit note entry pages are coming white blanks dont know whether its a bug or what   other modules and customer transactions are intact.

Interestingly when i am editing existing Journal Entries record by changing the GL codes it will create A NEW JOURNAL ENTRY NUMBER making my sequences of voucher plus the management asking each time what is the reason of being the number changing each time.  Can anyone have solution for this.

Hi well new to the FA kindly if some breakthrough in this regard to add the GL account), later on in the Bank Account (Portal). I require to add this thing for quick entries . Regards


How Numbers i.e. Saudi Riyal 106.48 can convert to amount in words (One Hundred Six Riyal and Forty Eight Halalal Only.) , at Invoice Levels. in frontaccounting.  Required Coding  how can i make it.

Sir I knows it but once you deal in manufacturing process and for the correct reporting purposes there are three areas  Raw material, work in process & finished goods so normally when you Purchased material it will showing in Raw Material  and then transfer for the Production processes and the units are showing in work in progress  then finally come to the finished goods.

Kindly inform how can i merge two reporting of  CASH TAX and  general TAX  reporting.   Or else how can i transfer / move balances of cash tax to general tax reporting in order to consolidate.  Also the the taxation which is 5% is wrongly computed on cash basis i.e. 4.75% and simply dont know from where it is coming from i think could be Bug??


While using manufacturing module when I produce material and save it, it will not go to Finished Goods because there are three things in inventory  RAW MATERIAL (INVENTORY), WIP AND FINISHED GOODS but finished goods option is not found in the general setup. Kindly can someone to me the exact workflow in frontaccounting?

Can anyone guide and using about the process costing in frontaccounting specially in connection with manufacturing of airconditioner or any related items manufacture basis of process costing would be highly regards.


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I felt that the Manufacturing Module in FA starting with the basics of BOM and the Assembly / De-Assembling but the starting point of ESTIMATION part is missing before quoting one company.

I require project estimation sheet   ( engineering estimation)

Can somebody help me to get itemized vat calculation at invoice level

item code item description quantity price before tax discount % discount amount vat5%    total


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Hi i want to know that  FA supports line item wise tax calculation on sales invoices. kindly guide me.

item code item description quantity price before tax discount % discount amount vat 5% total

I mean to say if want to put IMAGES on header / footer level

Can somebody guide to install Header & Footer on Sales Invoice, Sales Order, Quotations & on Delivery Notes. Kindly send how i can make it or simply provide coding so i can plugged in my FA company.  Regards


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Customer Credit Limit Showing -4,437  but the actual customer balance is 5,437 .  1000 difference is due to a setup default credit customer limit of 1000.   I am using FA 2.4.3  kindly provide the solution


I am using the latest  Frontaccounting version 2.4.3  and the customers credit limit showing Negatives Balances despite all the balances of Customers are Positive.  Furthermore the default credit limit of Sr. 1,000/- also deducting from the customer balances which reduces the balances of Customer Balances.

I want to Edit  automatic Journal Entry  #  and make it manual kindly help me to make it possible for me.

I want to Edit Reference Number in Dimensions  like   001- IFE2018  although i set in the forms as default but when i made entry in Dimension it was not accepting.  Please can anyone help me to sort out this problem.


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I need help of Printing Journal Voucher but while printing / saving the voucher   Print and Close buttons at bottoms also printed.  Kindly if someone helps me to make print without  Print & Close Buttons.


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I want to edit dimension reference number kindly guide me


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Hi could anyone tell me how to EDIT dimension REFERENCE NUMBER and set my own Reference Number manually but when i tried to change its simply not SAVING.

Hi i am stuck with opening balance for 2018 but surprised to see there are no opening balances tab there and read out there are no way excepting manually punching and in case of AR/AP only invoices will create and the balances appears so means its a big exercise. Can somebody help me to resolve this matter for all forum people.

No Apmuthu i made changes to Access as per your advise but no effect nothing happened.

is there any way to prevent changing in selling prices