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None currently appear with a GL search. I may have created and then voided some transactions when initially coming up with my dimension structure. Could some old voided transactions still be preventing deletion?

@ Poncho1234, If I run based on only Dim 1, it would capture all three Dim 2 level items (Parts, Service, and New Car).

The data I desire is generated by running a report on Dim 1 Location and Dim 2 Parts, then another report of Dim 1 location and Dim 2 Service, and manually adding both reports together. I'm just looking to see if there is a trick to getting FA to do it for me directly.


(4 replies, posted in Dimensions)


When I was initially setting up my system, I created a dimension I no longer wish to use. The delete command does not seem to work though, regardless of if the dimension if open or closed.

Here is a picture of the error and page.

Any help would be awesome to clean up this system.



Say Dimension 1 is a location level, then Dimension 2 has departments within that. If this was a car dealership, maybe the Dim 1 is a location, Dim 2 has "Parts Department", "Service department", and "New car Sales department".

Is there any way to run a report that is on a Dim 1 location, and BOTH the Parts and Service departments, or do I manually need to run a Parts report, and  a Service report, and manually combine them?