Is the attached what you are looking for?

Take a look at:


You might find the solution there.


I applied the changes to 2.4.8 and it works OK for me.
Of course the changes are not part of any 2.4.x distribution and need to be applied when one upgrades from one release to the other, I understand its going to be part of the 2.5 release.


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Thanks @kvvaradha

It works..as attached.

Supplier Payment Report rep203 has two things that seem not correct; (to me at least).

1. Transaction # is showing Supplier Reference Instead.
2. Not sorted by date.. (a more logical display of info)... its sorted by some internal choice I guess

How can one correct the above?

As attached.


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Sorry @notrinos

I was looking at a different system when I posted the above.


$rep->formData['document_date'] = date2sql(Today());

did not help resolve the issue.


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Thanks @notrinos
Your code addition works.

The date on rep_108 always picks the server date (hosting server). I have specified the time zones in


all to be Asia/Dubai.. still rep_108 shows the system date and not the timezone date.

Attached screen shots.

Any suggestions on how to correct this to show the timezone date?


is helpful.

Sorry Joe just answered..

Yes apmuthu

Reversing the same line to what was in 2.4.7 does resolve the issue. But why it was changed as you asked?

echo sales_items_list($name, $selected_id, $all_option, $submit_on_change,
        '', array('cells'=>true));

A very strange behavior as I was testing:

1. Existing DB field is preserved..ie an old invoice of 255 char..all char are displayed and can be saved as is.
2. Editing is allowed only on deleting  the content (some or all) ... Once deleted one cant insert a substitute..even before saving.

I tested with 2.4.7 and its OK. Only 2.4.8 where I faced the problem.

Its easily reproducible. Both my 2.4.7 and 2.4.8 are vanilla.

My test DB is imported  2.4.4 live DB with no changes to the structure of 2.4.7 or .8 default COA empty or demo US db.

Although this has been highlighted in other posts I thought it might need a different attention.
The editable Item Description in 2.4.4 is 255 char. The same field in 2.4.8 is reduced to 50 char.
Can someone please advise why the change?

I am unable to enter more than 50 char in either SQ or PO or Invoice or Direct Delivery using 2.4.8.
I can enter 255 Char in 2.4.4 without a problem

I dot have a problem with Chrome Windows and PDF's.

I agree with @corporatei that the Item Description field length has been drastically reduced in 2.4.8

I believe this has been discussed before:


No decisive answer as It seems it is a huge effort to change the core to accommodate this.

Could this be of any help?


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Sorry Braath

Your change works perfectly.

I was too quick to answer. Should have paid more attention.



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Thanks Braath,

I actually tried this before and I got this error in the log:

[10-Feb-2020 13:48:11 Europe/Berlin] <b>DATABASE ERROR :</b> No transactions were returned<br>error code : 1054<br>error message : Unknown column 'taxrec.trans_date' in 'order clause'<br>sql that failed was : SELECT tt.name as taxname, taxrec.*, taxrec.amount*ex_rate AS amount,

I could not understand why the ORDER BY gives such an error if one changes the order.


How can I get the tax report to sort entries by date instead of Transaction type?
I tried to look around but being a novice I couldn't make it out.

Any ideas?


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Just downloaded 2.4.8 and I was expecting this issue will be resolved. but it seems not.
I cant understand why Braath Waate pull request is not incorporated in the core yet. It works nicely.
Is there a reason?

What I would have done:
I created a customer called 'Internal Use'. and assigned Discount Percent 100%
Created Price List named 'Internal Use' with base factor of 1.00
Then proceeded to run a direct invoice selling to this "internal use" customer using the "internal use" price list, the sale went through.
There was a GL entry with delivery note with the actual cost price and corresponding Inventory account.

Try it and give us some feedback.

You have two options as illustrated in the attached.
These two options are also available immediately once you enter the Payment... via Bank Account Payment Entry..as an example.
Also you can add the company name as a header as suggested in this thread.




In the above link your issue is discussed in detail.


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You also might look at

The pull request helped me.

I dont know why this is not in the core.. Its not in 2.4.7

Hi Sledge,

What I would have done:

===Trial 3===
3.1) Applied the 8 file changes from @Braath Wate git branch on v2.4.7
3.2) Carried on with my upgraded production DB from Trial 2
3.3) Slipped in DB row in table  `0_sys_prefs` as per his branch (Just o make sure it exists)
3.4) Setup->Company Setup->Tax Bank Payments and Deposits (Ticked)
3.5) Test and advise if OK

Good Luck