You can create more than one subclass of accounts

10 Sales Account
1012 Account for major customers
101213 Factories customers account
10121314 Store Customers Account
1012131412 Northern Region Customers Account

joe wrote:


Have a look at the module extensions. There is a detailed report by Tom Hallman. It might be sufficient for you.


Please give me the link directly

You can create a sale invoice with 2 items
But each category is disbursed from a warehouse different from the other

for example
I have an invoice
items X is available in Warehouse A
items xs is available in Warehouse B

Can you create a single sales invoice that includes the x and xs available in two different repositories?

It works now successfully
Thank you

I want you to help in how to use this module

Where is it found that it requests Sql queries and Common Data of the Function ?

apmuthu wrote:

These are strict variable scoping issues with PHP 7.2+. Just declare the said variables as 0 just before the structure ("if", "while", etc.,) in which it is used for the first time. In the case of your first issue, you will need to insert the following just before the "if" statement at line 110 in rep_statement_reconcile.php:

$total_debit = $total_credit = 0;

you are amazing

Problem solved Bank Statement w / Reconcile

It remains a problem
When you enter the Annual Expense Breakdown - Detailed and Annual Balance Breakdown - Detailed report
I have this error:

You edited a file
And modify it as pictured

Note that my PHP version is 5.6

Is this true

I downloaded the last version 2 hours ago

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

When you enter the Annual Expense Breakdown - Detailed and Annual Balance Breakdown - Detailed report
I have this error:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------

When entering the Bank Statement w / Reconcile and Cash Flow Statement
I have this error: +

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
When entering the Customer Ledger report
This error shows me

I downloaded the last version 2 hours ago

When you access the Report Generator module:
I have this error:

I have prepared the value added tax and followed all the explanations but so far have not appeared in the purchase and sales bill, how to activate the tax in the sales and purchase bill ?

I want to make a choice by including the tax type in the sales invoice and the purchase invoice and to appear in the printing

Thank you for your help

I want to remove the "petty cash" record that I did not find in the bank accounts list

Thank you my dear

I have another question I do not know needs to create a new topic or not

In the "Customer Payment Entry" screen with the "Into Bank Account" field, I want to change the name "petty cash"

kvvaradha wrote:

@king1984 - If you goto "System and General GL Setup" , there are some predefined or used existing COA here. So when you edit the COA, and the code changed. the system GL can't get right value. 

So once you modify the above tables. manually you need to setup the "System and General GL Setup" accounts once again. IF you go with programmatic, It wil be harder and more complex.  manual and simple to adapt it.

hope it helps you .

I took steps and set "System and General GL Setup" but noticed that in add items I find GL Accounts data not changing to the default data that you set in "System and General GL Setup"

As in the picture

What is the problem if you allow ??

Where can I find the following reports

* statement Financial position statement
* statement Cash flow
* Statement of income

Do these reports exist? If no answer
How can we find them in the system in the current situation

There are no records as mentioned, there is no need for them

Thank you very kvvaradha you are a great programmer

Ok and how to export data stored in "System and General GL Setup"

I have a FA program and I want to export a chart of it how are you? Via phpmyadmin What are the names of the tables or the correct method that does not cause problems when working to have a transplant in another FA account


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Can I specify a price list for products for each customer different from the other

For example,

I have a customer who wants to determine the price of some products
I have another client I want to fix his different prices for some products

Can I do that in FA?

How many tree accounting levels in FA

Can they be merged into one report?

mockup images:

how to generate statement of financial position report?


i have a user and wants to generate a statement of financial position report ... how do i that?

1- Financial Statements - Statement of Income
2- statement of financial position report

How to create a sales invoice with multiple payments

The total invoice amount is $ 1200
Cash was paid $ 200
A bank transfer of $ 600 was paid
The rest is $ 400 debt
All of these payments are in one invoice

How do I do this in FA

I want to set the discount when creating the invoice at the same moment

kvvaradha wrote:

The problem is directory permission, the files are downloaded from the FA repo. But it happens when the required files doesnt have proper permission, or the required files might have some bugs.

Check your error_log to know exact problem. We can assist better if you come up with error log.

No error_log logs appear

apmuthu wrote:

The Error 500 is that there is some other process using the required port.

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