is there any idea about this issue?

what kind of detail do you need?

I have problem with 5 account indeed. most of should be zero based on currency but the FA calculate Exchange VAriance.

could you tell me what kind of detail you need?

Dear kvvaradha

Let me get clear about my data.

I have 3 active bank account every of them work with at least 3 currencies.

in this case I have some supplier or customer which works in EURO or POUND and we some time do our payments in USD or Emirate Dirham.

now these account make a periodic wrong exchange variance based on my revaluation but not my rates.

I use xe.com rates in order to make a unified the calculation in exchange variance. I can't imaging the several rates in one day when there is a several active bank account. this is the right way where I live. (""if you think it's wrong I insist to describe me right way or a guidance link"")

now please let me the solution. possibly manually, if not please let me know the cost of program and the way I can achieve it.

Thnks for ur help

thanks dear kvvaradha

unfortunately I record All my data based on XE.com rates during years.
could you tell me how can I adjust them manually?

I try it with Journal and Bank payment and Deposit many times, but it doesn't work and by revaluation all of them get back.


when I re-evaluate at the end of period, the banks get change based on the exchange rate that I record in FA.

but about AR and AP it doesn't happened. it looks FA found a new Rate from some where or calculate new rate.

it make a big amount of Exchange variance in my Trial Balance. is there any solution for it.


Dear kvvaradha

thank you so much

is there any urgent support?


the items, supplier, and customer all vanished and for issuing an order or invoice, Front Accounting doesn't show me them to choose. all of them exist because I can't add in same code or name.

please help me. :-(


is it possible to remove GL account used to include transaction?

I removed all transaction but when I want to remove them FA says: "Cannot delete this account because transactions have been created using this account"


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Dear apmuthu

let me have your answer.


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doesn't it make problems???


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is it possible to change the voucher No in management Panel  "Plesk/Databases/PHP My admin" ????


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There is some SQL code in the green field on the footer of web version like:

<div id='footer_debug'><div class='note_msg'><pre>SELECT name, value FROM 0_sys_prefs</pre>

<div id='footer_debug'><div class='note_msg'><pre>SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT IFNULL(a.gl_seq,0) as gl_seq,
                                SUM(IF(gl.amount>0, gl.amount,0)) as amount,
                                IF(ISNULL(u.user_id),'',u.user_id) as user_id
                                FROM 0_gl_trans as gl
                                LEFT JOIN 0_audit_trail as a ON
                                                (gl.type=a.type AND gl.type_no=a.trans_no)
                                LEFT JOIN 0_comments as com ON
                                                (gl.type=com.type AND gl.type_no=com.id)
                                LEFT JOIN 0_refs as refs ON
                                                (gl.type=refs.type AND gl.type_no=refs.id)
                                LEFT JOIN 0_users as u ON
                                WHERE gl.tran_date >= '2018-04-06'
                                AND gl.tran_date <= '2018-05-06'
                                AND gl.amount!=0 AND gl_seq=0 GROUP BY gl.tran_date, a.gl_seq, gl.type, gl.type_no) tmp_count</pre>

No difference where I am, they are everywhere, on the web, in the reports.

I don't know how they get there. Please tell me how can I fix it.

thank you so much.


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Thanks dear apmuthu

what about sort of numbers by date?
is it possible to do?


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I checked my voucher in "Reports and Analysis/General Ledger/List of journal entries"

I'm going to open my voucher from "Banking and General Ledger/Journal Inquiry" and print one by one.

If the FA gives me in better way, I mean each Voucher in one sheet A4 with arranged number by date please let me know.



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I'm waiting for your guidance.


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no Idea about it?


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How can I Sort transaction numbers by date in web version?

I need to classified the Documents for auditing so my vouchers need to have numbering sort.

Dear Apmuthu

Thank you so much,

It's not bad to set an expire date for these kinds of Outstanding orders that system automatically cancel them.

Hi Dear Apmuthu

Imagine No. because the supplier send the order partly and till know, we receive half of the order in 3 times and sold them immediately so as soon as I receive the stock I have to invoice it, also we don't know how many supplier will provide.

Hi all

I've Issued a Purchase order and half of that received, now I have half of this Order Open in " Outstanding Purchase Orders Maintenance ". is it possible to cancel that part which is not received? or setting up after fiscal year it canceled automatically?


even there's no answer. :-)


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I couldn't found any description about cost update in WIKI, If any exist please let me know.



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I entered a Supplier invoice, later I change the quantities and Prices basically - I mean, I void Supplier Invoice and PO delivery note and "Decrease" item in PO level - finally FA issued 3 "Cost Update" transactions - repetitive - between Warehouse (debit) C.O.G.S (credit) in same amounts, while it happened in first starting balance in FA that include Bank, Supplier, Customer Balance and some Supplier Invoices with out any Sales Invoice.

I also updated the cost by Standard Costs, but nothing has changed.

as it's obvious these 3 transaction " Cost Update" are increasing inventory amount. Right?

What should I do?

I create 4 services Items. I set the type of all of them "service".I select cost of good sold in GL Account as C.O.G.S. account. but still enter inventory in warehouse. I thought there is something else that I should set up.

you are right but the problem is FA add the services I bought to warehouse it increase my Inventory dummy.