Hello kvvaradha,
I'm working on some bootstrap theme(s), where I'm faced with below issue;

-> the theme works fine, but the datepicker creates issues ;
  - clicked for any forms having the date picker ; the top nav bar comes down ,
  - when want to select date ; the date picker is out from its place - on upper of top navbar,
  -  AND  all the issues are solved and the theme is re-positioned well  , once the date is selected from the date picker...

Any solution ?...

Thanks in advance...

kvvaradha wrote:

We normally seen other date pickers,which actually close when we click outside of the date picker.

So i thought to implement the same here in our FA with js. So just tried this and it works fine. Hope it will be good for users, if you commit it to core.

window.addEventListener('click', function(e){   
  if (document.getElementById('CC').contains(e.target)){} else{
   if (cC.visible()) {

Append this code to date_picker.js file,which actually created from ui_view.inc

an error is shown as " modules/payroll/employee.php was not found on this server"
all is uploaded, and already in the server.
your guidance is appreciated...