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Happy New Year Everyone...

Maybe I have misunderstood, but I followed the wiki:

(It says: 2. Click the 'file' icon to activate the extension you want. - there is no icon, but there is an install link, which I clicked)

and installed then activated import_transactions

logout and back in again and .... nothing has changed....

and there is no new extension in the modules directory...

I got the impression that the extension would be downloaded and installed.... or do I still need to do this manually....
(using version 2.3.25).

Each week we pay 16.00 cash to the same supplier.

I have been entering via purchase -> direct invoice

is there any way to just duplicate the previous weeks invoice ?

Hi I'm a newbie to FA, so I want to understand what is the impact of selecting a Bank Account Type:


I can see that Cash is not allowed to go overdrawn  - I don't see why this should be the case as mine is always overdrawn (I pay for things before the company draws out the cash and re-imburses me)
but what about the others ?
Are there limitations on the others ?

I have set my current account to chequing, but I find that all payments to suppliers show as a cheque... but in fact mostly I pay by direct bank transfer as most of my customers also do ? I also want to be able to identify types as e.g. direct debit or standing order or debit card - these are all payment types from my current account.


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I cannot find anything about this in the wiki, please can you provide a direct link. Thanks


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I am also having exactly the same issues...and it is driving me nuts, I have to keep manually correcting in the database.


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Continues to drive me nuts, so many extra unnecessary steps....
the problem is that with each step there is potential to make mistake...
e.g. even though the supplier is 'cash only' payments default to current account....
so I keep accidently entering payment as from current account, and because they are immediately posted to GL, no chance to amend
same with dates...

so I end up making mods directly to the mysql tables... which is not good practice....

are there better ways to quickly enter a load of cash transactions with suppliers ?


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I'm having a frustrating time with this, using version 2.3.25

I add a supplier and set the AP account for the suppler to Petty Cash

Using Direct Invoice I add the detail, hit process. Correctly in the GL I get CR Petty cash and DR the appropriate expense account(s) much as I would expect...

BUT these direct invoices all remain unpaid until I then manually create payment from petty cash - which result in both a dr and cr in petty cash for the same amount, i.e creating a redundant transaction in the GL

So am I missing something or is this a bug ?