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kvvaradha wrote:

Steps to Upgrade it

3. Restore the database which you backed up on FA2.3.24 and login as admin in FA 2.3.26
4. Again here Backup database  from 2.3.26 and save it on your pc

6. Now you need to Restore the backup you exported from FA2.3.26
7. Now when you login as administrator, FA will ask you to update your database.

In steps 3 and 6 does "Restore" mean using phpadmin IMPORT or mysql command or import through FA Setup-Backup/Restore?

I ask because is using FA we'd already be logged in as admin...

The devil is in the details



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I do see some differences... (table entry order, defaults, etc)

So I guess that the large jump I made caused some of the sql/alter.[sql|php] scripts to not run correctly

Has that been fixed in fa2.4.x?

I will load my db into fa2.3.26 and then to 2.4.6 and see if the db is better...


I may have some other issues to fix... I will post here when I test more


Well that explains it!

The extension I downloaded when running 2.4.6 contained an older version of the hooks.php file that did not contain

    function __construct() {
        $this->module_name = 'osc_orders';

I downloaded the first 8-10 extensions from setup->install.activate extensions and found only a couple have the constructor called

I did not check github but I see the osc_orders was updated as part of what may have been a global update...

i am the author of osc_orders and I have a small update I would like to make..

I'd do it myself but I am not very good with git yet and only have this one change to be made...

Can do apply it to the sources? (2 lines changed) or I can email/pm the updated file...
Below: The updated file is on the right ">"

tom@w2vy:/var/www/html/fa/modules/osc_orders$ diff osCommerce.php /tmp/osCommerce.php 
<                 $cart->document_date = Today();
<                 // $_POST['OrderDate'] = $cart->document_date;
>                 $cart->document_date = sql2date($order['date_purchased']);
<                 $cart->due_date = Today();
>                 $cart->due_date = sql2date($order['date_purchased']);

ps. I just attached it as a txt file! I knew there as a way...


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I was able to import it ok from 2.3.16 to 2.4.6 using the steps you provided (skipping the fresh install of 2.3.26)

Well so far it looks good smile


Ok, I looked around and it does have the add_rapp_function call

I am thinking that it has something to do with security

The code has:

define ('SS_OSCORDERS', 106<<8);


            case 'orders':
                $app->add_rapp_function(2, _('osCommerce Import'),
                    $path_to_root.'/modules/osc_orders/osCommerce.php', 'SA_OSCORDERS');

Is 106 correct?

Any ideas? The module is listed as "osCommerce Order and Customer Import Module"
In the Install/Activate extension

Yes I activated it smile

The CVS Import items is working fine (# 105)


I am upgrading from 2.3.16 to 2.4.6 and I added my two extensions back in but they do not show up in the menus

I am guessing I had to add them manually, I just forgot how

osc_orders and import_items

I also have a minor update to osc_orders, last time I think I emailed it to Joe, is that the case still or is there a place to upload them?



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kvvaradha wrote:

Steps to Upgrade it

1. Backup the database from your current version FA 2.3.24 .
2. Install a new fresh FA 2.3.26 on separate directory.
3. Restore the database which you backed up on FA2.3.24 and login as admin in FA 2.3.26
4. Again here Backup database  from 2.3.26 and save it on your pc
5. Download Fresh New FA copy, 2.4.4 and install it fresh.
6. Now you need to Restore the backup you exported from FA2.3.26
7. Now when you login as administrator, FA will ask you to update your database. 
8. Now go to Software Upgrade.  You can see Update option, Just click and update the Database. 

Once these steps done successfully, everything will be alright with new version.

I have seen these steps mentioned in a few posts.

Why do you say to upgrade to Ver 2.3.26 (last version of FA2.3) before moving to FA2.4.x?
Does this last version save things differently or the upgrade?

I ask because In Theory any FA2.3 version should have the same DB structure


If I am changing an account from one checking acount (1060) to another (1062) should I transfer the funds out before the change and back in after?

I tried that but I can't because I had already received items on the PO

I entered a PO and received items upon it.

Now I need to cancel the whole thing (drop ship order cancelled)

I have not been invoiced by the supplier.

Is there a clean way to do this?

It almost seems that I need to create a dummy invoice and then do a return.

Is there a simpler eay?



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humm... that does not help.

Which lines appear wrong?


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can you show us the first few lines of the csv file?


What sets the duration?

Right now it seems to be 10 days... I can't find any setting that changes this.


Since you don't want the Capital Introduced back, do you fold that into the Profit/Loss at the end of the year?

from re-reading this thread it looks like when the year is closed things get accumulated automatically into profit/loss.

So where did you put the Capital Introduced? Class/Group?

It seems if I put it in the right place in the COA it will get rolled into the profit/loss automatically.


Maybe I am handling things incorrectly...

I use the Loan from Shareholders for then I use personal money for expenses that can be written off to the business.

I do not what that money back, as the business usually ends up at an operating loss.

Maybe there is a better way to do this.


What I am trying to do is take the retained earnings and get rid of them, I think it was a mistake from 2 years ago.

Last year when I needed to put money into the business I deposited it as a Loan from shareholders.

I want to convert that to a loss without messing with the bank accounts.

Oh My... I think the light bulb just went on...

Do I need to do two Journal Entries?


Debit 2680 Loans
Credit 9990 Year Profit/Loss

Is a Credit to 9990 a Loss?


Well this is all it says...

When you start a new Company, you should check that the Fiscal Year is setup correctly. If this is not your starting Fiscal Year, then you should start by creating the starting Fiscal Year. After you have corrected the starting Fiscal Year, you can delete other Fiscal Years if there are no transactions in them. Now set this new Fiscal Year on your company by selecting Setup tab, Company Setup.

If the first year is setup as Jan 01 2011 - Dec 31 2011 and your starting Fiscal Year should be Jul 01 2011 - Jun 30 2012, then you must first create a short dummy year, Jan 01 2012 - Jun 30 2012. Create another Year Jul 01 2012 - Jun 30 2013. Set the company to use this year. Now close and delete the year Jan 01 2011 - Dec 31 2011. Close and delete the short dummy year Jan 01 2012 - Jun 30 2012. And then create the correct broken Fiscal Year Jul 01 2011 - Jun 30 2012. After the creation, set this Fiscal Year as active on the company. You are now ready to make your transactions. You have 2 fiscal years and you are using the current one.

When you reach the end of your Fiscal Year, you have to create another new Fiscal Year. When you want to switch Fiscal Year on your company, go into company setup and do that. When you have finished your year-end entries, you may close the Fiscal Year.

A closed Fiscal Year can no longer be used for entries. When a Fiscal Year is closed, the difference between all asset and liability accounts are brought forward as a Journal Entry where the Default account for Retained Earnings is credited (if this is a profit, otherwise it is debited). And the default account Profit/Loss Year is debited (if this is a profit, otherwise it is credited).

You can have as many Fiscal Years running as you want, but for performance reasons you should not have more than needed (by your legislations). When you delete a Fiscal Year, the assets, liabilities and equities are brought forward. All other unneeded transactions such as documents are deleted.
Tips and Tricks

I searched for "YEAR" and did not find anything relating to year end close-out.

This really needs to be in the wiki!
(all of the above... well the important activities)

How do I get rid of retained earnings?
Do I do a Bank Payment and select that account?

How about converting Loans from Shareholders to loss?
Pay it back somehow?


Are you downloading the backup or just saving it to the server disk?

When it comes up empty are you trying to View it online?



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I think you mean this post: https://frontaccounting.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=2451

I did not see any replies to it...

Is that the right way?


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I will go look, AGAIN




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What is the right way in FA to write off a debt as a loss?

I have some invoices that were either never paid, or I never received full payment on.

I guess I will end up with the invoice fully paid but with money in Bad Debts (5620) and then I assume when I close the year
that money will show up as a Loss.


Thanks for letting us know!