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Any comments?

I got some github messages, but not sure if they were even for this version of osc_orders or some private build


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I have a new update for the osc customer/order import module

It now makes sure the debtor_ref branch_ref names are unique for the FA pulldown menus

It could use another review to see if I missed anything else obvious smile


Braath Waate wrote:

Aha, I see that now.  There isn't any city tax in Florida, just county and state, as you have said.  Sorry for the confusion.

No problem.

That shows the simplicity of the osCommerce Tax groups.

When a customer enters their state as Florida, they are then presented with a State Pulldown list that includes ALL the tax groups within Florida and the descriptive name helps THEM pick the right one, after all they know where they live and what tax rates the are subject to.

It was a perfect solution for eCommerce 10 years ago.


from http://floridarevenue.com/taxes/taxesfees/Pages/sales_tax.aspx

Sales tax and discretionary sales surtax are calculated on each taxable transaction. Florida uses a bracket system for calculating sales tax when the transactions fall below or in between whole dollar amounts. Multiply the whole dollar amount by the tax rate (6% plus the county discretionary sales surtax rate)

There are 22 counties in Florida, so I only have 22 different sales tax zones that I need to worry about.

Sales tax is ONLY calculated on a COUNTY basis.

I think you like to make things overly complex.


apmuthu wrote:

Isn't it time govts stopped interfering with businesses?
Americans should not vote for such reps who try to bully businesses.

I think that the Sales Tax should be collected at the point of SALE (Not Delivery)

So if my state encourages business then IT should reap the benefits.

It also makes it much simpler for the businesses to collect and pay.

Ya know Florida expects it's citizens to report and pay sales tax on any untaxed mail orders.


apmuthu wrote:

@tom: Updated osc_orders extension in GitHub FA24extensions repo.

I will be coming out with a new version that makes sure the Short Name of a debtor_master record is unique and the Branch Name of a custome_branch is also unique for osC imports


Braath Waate wrote:

If you only have 22 tax rates for Florida, you might not be collecting all the sales tax that is required.   Florida, like Colorado, is a destination-based state.  I am not certain what the Florida requirements are,  but this usually means that, for orders placed via the internet/mail by a customer within Florida from a Florida vendor, the vendor must collect a sales tax rate applicable at the buyer's address (including any applicable local sales taxes).

Before 2019, Colorado vendors selling within Colorado usually needed to charge 2.9% for any sale outside the physical location.   This was very easy.   After 2019, there are now 733 local tax districts to deal with.   FA and OSC do not natively support tax by destination address and county/city/zip code are insufficient to determine the applicable tax rate.

You are right that the small business is usually exempt from these new out-of-state rules.  Thus you can sell into Colorado without having to follow its in-state rules.

If I have 22 tax rates in osc and FA and like I said above I update them every year as I get noticed from DOR, why would you think I am doing it wrong?

I collect and pay at the tax rate of the delivery location of each Florida order, I have done so for almost 20 years.


Yeah, ok.

COnsider these facts:

1 - It does not appear that very many people would are using the osc_orders addon
2 - osCommerce is pretty old, so anyone having $100k in sales would likely not be using it

A taco stand is not likely to use osC, osC is a web store, having 200 transactions within a 10 mile radius of a given *remote* location is a long shot

I pay all the sales tax I am bound to pay in Florida, as a PERSON I can not be required to follow all the tax laws of all 50 states, it is an unnecessary burden upon me.

There is a huge difference between me and Wayfair and most people using osCommerce (or any Free e-commerce solution) are likely not big enough to be included.

I wonder what they are smoking on Colorado to think they can enforce sales tax laws like that on individuals. (you said all Deliveries)


It take a pretty large company to hit these targets:

Conducts 200 or more separate retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services for delivery in Florida; or
Conducts any number of retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services for delivery in Florida in an amount exceeding $100,000

200 sales in a specific state or $100k per year

All these sales tax reforms have exclusions for smaller businesses

Anyone bigger won't be using osCommerce for sure


Good point, I will have append a unique id to the short name (maybe osc customers_id)

I have the tax rates just fine, the tax rate is based upon the delivery address, which is what the Branches identify.

In osc I have about 22 tax rates for Florida, one for each county - which is the way osc was designed.

I get a notice from the state of Florida (along with my filing forms) with the tax rate changes... change in osc and change in FA poof all done


In the second method is that where you use a specified debtor_no and create branches for these transactions?
I also saw the direct invoice option, which I did not touch.

In my original module I looked up osc customer in FA simply by their name, so duplicate names was a problem,
a second customer by the same name just looked like the one guy moved...

Now it maps between the DBs using the table index for the tables.

I just need to add a db_postwrite hook to update the table if a debtor master record is deleted.


UPDATE: I see that there are no db hooks for debtor_master transactions, so I think we can live with extra osc_customer records.
I will check the code to make sure if the osc cID is re-imported that it will behave well and maybe clean up

I am using it and will likely keep using it on my own site mostly because I don't want to deal with porting everything into a new program/db

I have been updating the osc_orders module to better map osc customers to FA debtor_masters

Is there a way an addon can get notified of db transactions?

delete debtor_master record (to delete mapping to osc cID)
maybe order dispatch to enter comments in osc orders history and maybe email customer.


If I try to do that I think I will mess up my system.

I will leave it alone.


How do we submit updates to modules we maintain?

It has been a very long time for me...


Sounds like it is not for the faint of heart!

I think I will skip that idea


I have about 10 years of data in my FA database and I am looking at deleting all but the last 3-4 years (Under Fiscal Years)

It occurs to me that it will remove transactions but old customers and branches may be left alone.

Is there an easy way to clean up old customers with no transactions?



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I did notice that both the Long and Short names are searched from the web forms, so that may be a solution for the original poster.
It also may be suitable for me as well.

If not, your extra table suggestion will clearly do the job as well



After considering the add-on updating for new and existing users, the extra table method seems much cleaner



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Are you suggesting adding an account number to the debtors_master table?

If so, I strongly AGREE!

I get 99% of my sales orders from web orders that I import from my osCommerce site

Can we add that in FA2.5?

Is there a projected release date for FA2.5?


Sometime between 2.3.16 and 2.4.6 the form /sales/customer_delivery.php?OrderNumber=###

changed to automatically ZERO any items that were not available for delivery

I also see that "Action for balance" has two options "Automatically Backorder" and "Cancel items not delivered"

I think we need a third option "Ship Complete" or some other better description that would allow the previous
behavior such that I would have to Manually change the quantities as needed.


I often have missing items that were delivered but not yet manufactured in FA, so I pop open another tab, make it and then click UPDATE on the delivery page, commit and I am done

Does this sound useful?

If not I am sure I can change my behavior, but a Ship Complete option may have uses


So it appears that voiding a transaction does remove the record totally from the stock_moves table.

So THAT is the problem with my DB, I will delete that record and all should be well.

Been using FA for over 9 years and this is the first db issue I have had


I have an Inventory Adjustment that was voided but it appears in the detailed item movements

The item was added and voided on FA 2.3.16 and I am now using 2.4.6

If I click the transaction reference number it tells me it was voided...

But I should not be seeing it!

It is also messing up the total On Hand counts

Some date ranges are ok, others are bad

Also Item Status is wrong...

The type is 17 and I have 3 of these voided item movements, id 20, 91 and 97
The other two do not show up in the detailed item movements

How do I look at these transactions?

What table do these types/ids refer to?



Ok it looks like stock_moves is the table..

When a transaction is voided is the entry removed from stock_moves?
I saw one entry (20 from long ago) where the Quantity was set to 0



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When I was comparing my database to the FA2.4 I found a number of fields had different default values and such, so I felt it might be better if I make my DB conform to the exact same structures of demo data.

So here is what I ended up doing:
1. Exported my data with phpMyAdmin keeping Just the Data and truncating the tables (as opposed to dropping them)
2. I created a fresh DB and imported the 2.3.26 demo data with phpMyAdmin (my system was FA2.3.16)
3. I imported my Data Only with phpMyAdmin
4. I then logged into an admin account of my DB and did a Software Update

All appears to be well.

The same steps could work for an FA2.4 db clean up as well



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Is this statement correct?

7. Now when you login as administrator, FA will ask you to update your database. 

I loaded the demo data from 2.3.26 into my 2.4.6 install and FA does not ask me to update my DB.

I can go do the update, but it never asks me.
What triggers this question from the code?

Is there something missing from mt DB?



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After a detailed look at my database I have found that he difference between my tables (2.3.16) and 2.3.26 are that 3 fields are out of order.
Seems they were added to the end not in the middle.

There are also many defaults that are different.

I am wondering if I could export my DATA only and import into the 2.3.26 tables (truncating the tables before inserting)

It seems that could work, unless I am missing anything obvious

(Yes everything is backed up so total failure is not a real problem)


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kvvaradha wrote:

@ tom - I guess if you do the missiby step.  It will fix the db issue.

I hope that FA2.4 correctly updates the DB...