What I mention is usually in a company there're many profit center or departments.
One profit center could have a direct expense, that was the expense that direct related to their revenue and the expense that not related to  their operation (we called allocated expense, or head office allocated expense).

Why we use dimension?, because FA treath dimension as departments or profit center, and we want to have an Income Statement for each profit center.



According to the system explanation, we can use the dimension function of FA as a departments/Division or a profit center in the company.
Sometimes a company level expenses (a common expense) have to be allocate to all departmens (FA use a Dimensions).

The expense allocation into each dimensions could be use an actual expense, production qty or whatever as a basis.

How FA could handle this transaction.

Thanks in advance.

/Ken Surya.

Hello Jo,

Your last reply is correct, we have to make a temporary account to accomodate such kind of transaction.
This kind of system also implemented by other ERP like SAP (They used GRIR account).


Hello Jo,

Thanks again for your quick response.
I still confusing with your latest reply, could you give me a sample transaction so easy for me (and for others) to understand your explanations ?.



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Dear Sir,

I found that system date and time is not match with local time.
I installed FA in my hosting server and it seems that system date and time is follow the hosting server.

How to change the system date/time so same as local time.

Thank you.
Ken Surya.

Dear Jo,

Thanks for your reply, what I mentions is that non creating journal entries when the goods are received is not match with the common accounting treatment. Generally the timing of transaction recognition of the purchase transaction is when the significant risk of the good already transfered from seller to buyer, it means that when we make a purchase, and the good are received (wheater invoice is not received yet), the risk of the transaction are already taken by the buyer, so we have to recognized liabiity at that time.

If we take a look at your Sales/AR module, FA already implement this kind of treatment, why you not implement this concept to Account Payable/purchasing module ?.

I think this concept is very important to the accounting practice, because related to the inventory/AP that could be impact to the overall financial report.

Thank you.
Ken Surya.


I try to make a transaction of good received (GRn).
Logically when the good are received, the asset side (inventory) would be increase and liability account would be increase also (let say we use AP-not yet invoiced item account).

Sometimes there any time leg between good received and invoices received, so at the cutt off date the asset and liability account could be in correct condition.

It seems that in FA, the liability just recognized after the invoices for that good received were posted (AP just posted after this invoices entry), it could be give different meaning if the invoice are posted after the cutt off date (end of the month, or a year), the asset would be understated and the liability also understated.

It should be any journal creation when the good are received:
  Inventory (Dr) ; AP-not yet invoiced item (Cr)
When the invoice are received, the journal are created:
  AP-not yet invoiced item (Dr) ; Account Payable (Cr).

How FA could handle that above transaction ?.

Thank you for your help.

Ken Surya.


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Dear FA Team.

I have finalized all the necessary setup of FA and ready to start for live transaction, I migrate from old system into FA.

Could you please teach me some item below:
1. How to input the opening balance of each account into ledger, do I have to make a journal entry of each account (I can not find a function to input the opening balance).

2. After input the opening balance of each account, how to make a detail outstanding AR and AP?. Is there any function on sales/purchase (AR/AP) but not posted to GL?.

I want to migrate my data on November 30, 2010.

Thank you for your help.
Ken Surya.


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Hello Joe,

Thanks for your info.
It was difficult for me since I'm not a technician. I just want to add some other information in that standard invoice i.e. giving a name of our President Director name in the bottom of the form, could you help me in easier way?.

Thanks in advance.

Ken Surya


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I want to design my own invoice format, since the standard invoice form is not suitable for our bussines, what should I do.

Thanks a lot.
Ken Surya