Is It a bug?

1. I create PO
2. Receipt Items
3. Supplier Invoice

When I add items in Supplier Invoice, there is error message : The price being invoiced is more than the purchase order price by more than the allowed over-charge percentage. The system is set up to prohibit this. See the system administrator to modify the set up parameters if necessary.

then i debug this code are not created in html code
file purchasing\includes\ui\ line 397 (fa 2.4)
then i change code like fa.2.3.24 running well.

i compare fa 2.4 with fa 2.3.24

purchasing\includes\ui\ line 397 (fa 2.4)
            label_cell(get_trans_view_str(ST_SUPPRECEIVE, $myrow["grn_batch_id"]));
               hidden('qty_recd'.$n, $myrow["qty_recd"], false);
               hidden('item_code'.$n, $myrow["item_code"], false);
               hidden('item_description'.$n, $myrow["description"], false);
               hidden('prev_quantity_inv'.$n, $myrow['quantity_inv'], false);
               hidden('order_price'.$n, $myrow['unit_price'], false);
               hidden('std_cost_unit'.$n, $myrow['std_cost_unit'], false);
               hidden('po_detail_item'.$n, $myrow['po_detail_item'], false);

purchasing\includes\ui\ line 372 (fa 2.3.24)
            label_cell(get_trans_view_str(25, $myrow["grn_batch_id"]).
               hidden('qty_recd'.$n, $myrow["qty_recd"], false).
               hidden('item_code'.$n, $myrow["item_code"], false).
               hidden('item_description'.$n, $myrow["description"], false).
               hidden('prev_quantity_inv'.$n, $myrow['quantity_inv'], false).
               hidden('order_price'.$n, $myrow['unit_price'], false).
               hidden('std_cost_unit'.$n, $myrow['std_cost_unit'], false).
               hidden('po_detail_item'.$n, $myrow['po_detail_item'], false).
               hidden('location'.$n, $myrow["loc_code"], false));

Thank you.