Total Order VAT inc print in  Sale Order and Sale invoice. I am using GST Tax group But in  Sale Order and Sale invoice the total price is printed as Total Vat Inc. which is wrong how to correct it please resolve and guild .....

after comment that line same error Report cant show.
plz can u copy code again with function.

i aslo checked Charges and Credits balance in frontaccounting website demo.wrong balance showing..
plz can u verify from ur side?

Thx for supports

thx for help and sharing code...
i m using  Release 2.4.16 updated version.
i cant change any customization in this.debit word only use in msg i know its charges word.u can check attachment files.

I Run ur code but its error because get_gl_memo function.
Plz can u send me get_gl_memo function code.

Again thx lot for help....

Plz check attachment files

why Debit and Credit Balance difference in Supplier Balances and Supplier Trial Balances Reports

In Supplier Balances  Debit is 565,000 and Credit is 200,000 and Balance is 365,000
In Supplier Trial Balances Debit is 200,000 and Credit is 565,000 and balance is -365,000

plz any one guild me why both report can't match

also also check attachment files

Dear Plz tell me how i add ur HR and payroll moduls in my Frontaccounting.


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Dear FA Team.

I have finalized all the necessary setup of FA and ready to start for live transaction, I migrate from old system into FA.

Could you please teach me some item below:
1. How to input the opening balance of each account into ledger, do I have to make a journal entry of each account (I can not find a function to input the opening balance).

2. After input the opening balance of each account, how to make a detail outstanding AR and AP?. Is there any function on sales/purchase (AR/AP) but not posted to GL?.

I want to migrate my data on 1 july 2013.My Fiscal Years 1 July2013 to 30 June2014.

Thank you for your help.