Raddison thanks for this nice plugin, an essential one actually.
Regarding Bank Statements, the only time consuming thing about the process is to have csv's broken in 2 parts, for deposits and payments.
Would be cool if we had a way to import bank statements in one shot.
It this doable?

when transfering funds from a euro bank account to a usd bank account (belonging to my company) in FA, some fees might apply to the "from" (outgoing) bank in eur.
Today I am only proposed to add bank fees to the receiving USD bank.
I am missing something ? Could we add a field there ?
Otherwise posting another withdrawal or journal after each transfer seems like an extra step i would like to avoid...
thanks for you reply


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Hello  when will this extension support multicurrency as in 2.4? ex : account in AED, expenses in USD?
Today, there is no currency translation depending on source account...

I am trying to import a journal csv file using frontaccounting 2.4.7 with extension (2.4.0-3) of Import Multiple Journal Entries

The file looks like this:

3,30/06/2019,3,11020002,,,975,June 2019 / PSP PSP1 RM Deposits
3,30/06/2019,3,11020015,,,0,June 2019 / PSP PSP2 RM Deposits
3,30/06/2019,3,11020010,,,757,June 2019 / PSP PSP3 RM Deposits
3,30/06/2019,3,11050001,,,97.50,June 2019 / PSP PSP1 Rolling Reserve
3,30/06/2019,3,11050015,,,0.00,June 2019 / PSP PSP2 Rolling Reserve
3,30/06/2019,3,11050010,,,75.70,June 2019 / PSP PSP3 Rolling Reserve
3,30/06/2019,3,51014001,,,78.00,June 2019 / PSP PSP1 processing Exp
3,30/06/2019,3,51014001,,,0.00,June 2019 / PSP PSP2 processing Exp
3,30/06/2019,3,51014001,,,98.12,June 2019 / PSP PSP3 processing Exp
3,30/06/2019,3,11020002,,,-78.00,June 2019 / PSP PSP1 processing Exp
3,30/06/2019,3,11020015,,,0.00,June 2019 / PSP PSP2 processing Exp
3,30/06/2019,3,11020010,,,-98.12,June 2019 / PSP PSP3 processing Exp
3,30/06/2019,3,11020002,,,-97.50,June 2019 / PSP PSP1 Rol. Res. Deduction
3,30/06/2019,3,11020015,,,0.00,June 2019 / PSP PSP2 Rol. Res. Deduction
3,30/06/2019,3,11020010,,,-75.70,June 2019 / PSP PSP3 Rol. Res. Deduction
3,30/06/2019,3,11010005,,,-975,June 2019 / PSP PSP1 RM Deposits onto  accounts
3,30/06/2019,3,11010005,,,0,June 2019 / PSP PSP2 RM Deposits onto  accounts
3,30/06/2019,3,11010005,,,-757,June 2019 / PSP PSP3 RM Deposits onto  accounts

after choosing file I do not get any error message, just a white screen like that one


Please kindly indicate if my configuration is compatible knowing i use php 7 on my VPS

We need a specific p&l report on front accounting for our company.
- p&l shall be freely and simply deigned and  customized by user, by group  with accounts  drag and drop, and shall include intermediary Grouping totals and %
- p&l shall show months dynamically according to user chosen range, 1 column per month, and add a total, Total for y-1 (same months range), variance year vs y-1, budget, variance budget vs year (same chosen months range)
- max range shall be 12 months
- a nice feature equivalent to current p&l in standard front accounting would be to be able to have a drill down when clicking on account.
- report can be exported to pdf or excel

we are of course wanting to pay for this job. Please send any questions and your offer.