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you can use tawk.to. Its totally free and can be easily integrated in FA theme. Just add the JavaScript code you get from tawk.to on includes/page/footer.inc before the last line.


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I have debugged the issue in detail and found that calling the below function is making the system being logout.

function regenerateSession()

When in one session.inc call the above function is called and regenerates the new session id

On the next call when

function validateSession() is called it returns false on following condition

if (isset($_SESSION['EXPIRES']) && $_SESSION['EXPIRES'] < time()) {
            return false;

Any idea? Why regenerate is important? and this condition is failing?


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You need to modify the report rep704.php


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Probably in Company Setup >> User Interface Options >> Search Item List is checked.

FA has nothing to do with domain. If the table prefix is same on both domains then you can restore it.


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What about Future of FrontAccounting? Long awaited 2.5 is taking time I think due to work load with Jansuz. Are you still with the plan to get further developers involved.

On Line # 50 Please add following code

AND amount != 0

Otherwise all voided transactions are shown in Bank STatement.


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2 Core Server with 4 GB RAM, Debian Linux, DigitalOcean


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Ok, your explanation given in Post#10 is enough to create a sample module. Except nothing should be done in dashboards folder instead reporting folder shall be used in module to create the file custom_dashboards.php.

Thanks for this great feature.


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I have checked the Logs of my server when It Crashes as CPU Usage reaches 100%.

I found few core pages and my module pages with a query string /modules/container/containers.php?JsHttpRequest=0-xml

Is this an Ajax Call?

This is a simple Page to add Containers against Jobs (Dimensions).

This client have more than 3000 open Jobs (Dimensions).

Is this Ajax Call taking so much resources is due to the Dimensions Being Loaded in the Drop Down List?

Or there is any other reason for this resource consumption.

@All Gurus please guide me.



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Hello @notrinos I am working on this dashboard system. In Post # 19 you have given a link of Sample Dashboard Module. That link is not working. Can you share that sample again.


With patch files it will be easy to test.


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@Braath, thanks. The logout is not "Authorization Timeout". Suddenly the main login screen appears. I have increased the session timeout to 36000 secs in both php.ini and company setup.

How can I set a monitoring on Session. Any hint?

One of my clients have 300-400 invoices on daily basis.

While punching invoices, he is facing abnormally system being logged out.

No particular behavior or error is recorded.

Sometimes it logs out after 2 invoices and sometimes after 8 invoices.

Any ideas?


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The feature is good. But can't help. smile

This error also come when Line endings are not correct. It should be LF with Linux . On PHP 7 if line endings are not correct then the said file will be ignored in inclusion.

If you want to import Journal Transactions and Bank Related Transactions then you can use import_multijournalentries extension. If you want to import Inventory Transactions you can use import_items extension

Which one?

It is composer based. How can I install composer for this API?


Thief of the ledger has been caught smile

See this image https://prnt.sc/pvpkcu

Payment received against Prepaid Sales Order. Invoice not made so and hence not reflected in Customer Balances.


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Hello @Marxist,

This sort of Income Statment is Valid when the Inventory Costing method is either FIFO or LIFO.

Since FA uses Average Costing so it is not applicable in FA.

In order to get it done it may require some core changes and lot of customizations



It depends on lot of factors.

1. Whether or not you have allowed Negative Inventory in your system

2. Secondly FA calculates Avg Cost of the items when they are Received and sometimes whey they are Stocked out. That Avg Cost is saved as the Standard Cost for that item in FA. Inventory Valuation Report actually picks that Cost for Valuation.

3. Now the way that Avg Cost is calculated in FA needs to be understood. I have tried to explain this in this ARTICLE

4. There has been a lot of discussion on this topic on Forum and we are expecting some Bug Fixes in upcoming 2.5.

5. By that time if you can also share your experiences following the article above that how right or wrong you found FA to affect average cost then it will help the community.

6. There is one more way that affects Average Cost not discussed in this article because I have disabled that in PakERP. That is Location Transfers.

Hope this helps you to find more bugs and share with community and enable you to give better suggestions.

Good Luck.

No I have that code and it works fine for GET commands.

I didn't had any problem in reading the $content returned from the curl request, at all.

I had problem in sending the POST request using curl.

That is addressed by http_build_query($data); line.

In Wiki I suggest change the code as below for facurlrest.php

Contents of facurlrest.php file:

// FrontAccounting Bridge REST Test Script
// Author: Ap.Muthu
// Website: www.apmuthu.com
// Release Date: 2012-11-28

include_once "fabridge.php";

$method = isset($_GET['m']) ? $_GET['m'] : 'g'; // g, p, t, d => GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
$action = isset($_GET['a']) ? $_GET['a'] : '';
$record = isset($_GET['r']) ? $_GET['r'] : '';
$filter = isset($_GET['f']) ? $_GET['f'] : false;

// Sample Data for POST
$data = array(
'firstName'=> 'John',
'lastName'=> 'Doe'

$data = http_build_query($data);

$output = fa_bridge($method, $action, $record, $filter, $data);
echo print_r($output, true);


@apmuthu, I was right. The problem was not of PHP.

This Post helped me. STACK OVERFLOW

now facurlrest.php looks like below

// FrontAccounting Bridge REST Test Script
// Author: Ap.Muthu
// Website: www.apmuthu.com
// Release Date: 2012-11-28

include_once "fabridge.php";

$method = isset($_GET['m']) ? $_GET['m'] : 'g'; // g, p, t, d => GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
$action = isset($_GET['a']) ? $_GET['a'] : '';
$record = isset($_GET['r']) ? $_GET['r'] : '';
$filter = isset($_GET['f']) ? $_GET['f'] : false;

$data =  array(
      'trans_type' => '10',
      'ref'=> 'NoGuia0001',
      'customer_id'=> '78',
      'branch_id'=> '78',
      'location'=> 'DEF',
      'deliver_to'=> 'ABC, S.A. DE C.V.',
      'delivery_date'=> '09/11/2019',
      'delivery_address'=> 'Karachi',
      'order_date'=> '09/11/2019',
      'phone'=> '',
      'cust_ref'=> '',
      'comments'=> '',
      'ship_via'=> '1',
      'payment'=> '1',
      'sales_type'=> '1',
      'items'=> array
          0 => array
            'stock_id'=> '2801',
            'description'=> 'iPhone',
            'qty'=> '1',
            'price'=> '100',
            'discount'=> '0'
          1 => array
            'stock_id'=> '2802',
            'description'=> 'Samsung',
            'qty'=> '1',
            'price'=> '100',
            'discount'=> '0'


$data = http_build_query($data);

$output = fa_bridge($method, $action, $record, $filter, $data);