My suggestions:

Get a laptop or desktop that can boot from a usb hard-drive (HD) – May be you already have it.

Setup on the usb HD any unix flavor that can run perl, openssl, apache, mysql, php, etc (a webserver) -- I choose freebsd 9.2

Make sure your router will serve names on local net – I choose Bind 99.

Soon as you’re done with configuration, you can install FA and play with without paying for hosting.

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Banking and General Ledger should never be a module. The two do not mix together, rather go for something like:

1. Banking and Credit Cards Module (should include reconciliation of every account)

2. Accounting GL Journal, and all kinds of GL reports to help identifying garbage in the system.

Here is another subject coming around from above mentioned: Modules are assigned users – every module should not work if users are not assigned to it – unless the admin is working on a setup.

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General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) needs to answer a simple question: What line of tax return will this GL account be reported on? -- Basically you link the COA with a tax lines of a particular GOV-Tax form.


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Just installed FA and looked over the COA US GAAP 4 digits and realized that doesn’t follow the standards:
COA Class should be:
1.    Assets (DR)
2.    Liabilities (CR)
3.    Capital/Equity (CR)
4.    Income (CR)
5.    Cost/Expenses (DR)
6.    Unreconciled Transactions (both DR/CR)
Question: What is the impact on FA if these changes are made?
I see this a problem since most forms that does the posting to GL would need to change as well.

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PS: My wish is to work with a handful of programmers to develop better business software not necessary narrowed to accounting but including as such since it is part of the business. Time is what I do not have.