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How can make header and footer in payments and deposits in bank general ledger. I need print query same like above where file editing



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how this can you explain this in here post
I need to add this column table in page items.php when view items and I need to make generated name by same as like in image explain


plz i need solve for this
I make table contain 4 column but how can i add this column in items.php and make button generated name same as like in image



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In add items i need add 6 combo box contain data statice choose and i need add 6 colums in table items

How this plz explain steps


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I need to add field in add customer contain customer ID that is not duplicated customer name in database
and I need auto make code by same CS1 CS2 CS3 ....etc
how this


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I need in direct invoice disable edit price and discount in direct invoice - sales order entry in Sale

how this ?


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i need add user that access sale product from one location stock not choose location in all sales ( direct invoice - sales order entry ...etc ) same like in image


how ?


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I need template invoice by thermal printer because I used FA in RFID device and I need pages sale order entry and direct invoice work responsive, (mobile ) because I used this device in salesman


How to make this template invoice and responsive pages?


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Why when print Bank Statement  cannot view all details Person/Items data entry manual ?


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i mean when make any query in system by Number reference view this image


and when click print view this print


i need add image in header and footer by same like in explain image


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I need font type ( Arial ) arabic in all report system PDF
I search download font type this in FA but not found and i hope help find files download


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how can i increase size font PDF report ?


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i need help
when i print any view query i need add in header and footer page print image
how this and where file add code ?
same like image



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i need increase size font report file PDF and i hope find file support arabic font name


how this


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why when open direct invoice or sales order entry view item description in Version 2.4 FA by

item code - name item


same like in image

i need remove item code in item description same like old version 2.3

how this ?


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why system when choose install lang arabic and choose lang got right to left and lang is english not arabic and this in xampp 1.7.3 webserver and in web host work fine
where the problem and what is solve ?


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i used frontaccounting and i wanted change fonts report from ae_tholoth  to zarbold  fonts nots used Arabic language
please explaining the step by step

and i download the font and upload in the FTP    reporting/fonts/
and when open report error file zarbold.php

why and how??????????


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we IT company used system in the clients but we wanted to remove and change footer in copyright system if is available  how???????