Whats the best way to enter opening balances for GL/AP/AR/Inventory items if they have to be entered in Month-6 or 7 of the current fiscal year? Shall I use Multiple JE Import routine?

How can I send a Direct Invoice but on credit? Will look at the bank accounts though.

Our client want to do the following:

1. Send one direct invoice to his customer for 3 service items to be paid in following month.

2. Each service item is priced differently. And the price may be different for different customers

3. Using Direct Invoice, FA gives "For Part :WM-SVC This item is already on this document. You have been warned."

4. FA after warning accepts the entries, but processes it as follows:

Dr. Accounts Receivable
Cr. Sales

Dr. Petty Cash
Cr. Accounts Receivable

Why is it taking it to Petty Cash by default?

Yes, it would be. Infact, that is what I have done for now. But would have been great if FA could have given an option to put a negative figure, and that negative figure could have gone to the credit side of Employees Advances. Need to see how it is done in Peachtree and Quickbooks.

A little confusing case:

02-08-2018 Paid employee advance Rs.5000/- (Vide Bank Account Payment Entry)

GL Entry:
Dr. Employee Advance A/c
Cr. Bank Account

At month end I want to pay employee salary but deduct advance through a single payment voucher:

Dr. Employee Salary 15000
Cr. Employee Advance 5000
Cr. Bank Account 10000

FA, unfortunately (or fortunately) doesn't accept a negative figure through payments module.

I know I can pass a JV. But I want to process the entry through the payment voucher.

HELP? Anyone?


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Thanks kvvaradha. Will attempt to try this out.



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I am using FA 2.4.2 and want to upgrade to 2.4.4. When I go through Setup, Upgrade, it shows the current version as 2.4.1 and says that Upgrade is upto date.

Anything that I am missing out?


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Pardon my ignorance, but whats the difference between Fixed Asset Class and Fixed Asset Category?

I have recently ventured to explore Fixed Assets module and have some observations and queries for the Gurus. smile smile

The Journal Entry will debit the Accounts Payable account (21010001), but not the particular supplier account. And there is no option in Purchases for a Debit Note (like there is for Credit Note). Or will a negative entry in Credit Note be okay?

We have made some payments (nine) on behalf of supplier for their promotion campaign. We used Bank Payments and debited an expense GL A/c (Supplier Promotion).

Supplier has adjusted his accounts and allowed us to adjust our accounts at our end. How do I make this adjustment so that a Credit is reflected in his Supplier Account and the GL A/c (Supplier Promotion gets even).



Thanks for helping us in resolving the bug in modifying supplier credit note entry. However my initial issue still remain outstanding as we can't modify the supplier because that is where the error was made. Please see attached image.

Secondly you have already pointed out the edit for any single line item should be there. How do you attach screenshots by the way. smile … t-note.jpg

Tried everything, but all in vain.

The Edit Supplier Credit Note routine is behaving very erratic. Firefox behaviour is the same as Chrome.

This is what I am trying to do now:

1. Supplier Enquiry
2. Credit Notes Only
3. Click Edit icon of a particular credit note
4. A new screen opens which was the last screen I opened to edit a Purchase Invoice.

I think whats happening is, that whenever we open EDIT SUPPLIER CREDIT NOTE, it opens up the last opened INVOICE that was edited. If No Invoice has been EDITED, it opens the New Credit Note screen with the first supplier in the list.

I am sure this is a Bug! Try to issue a credit note first in the Demo 2.4.1 on and then try to EDIT that credit note.

We have downloaded FA fresh version 2.4.2 (13 October, 2017) from source forge and tried replacing "supplier_credit.php" file from the newly downloaded version.

It doesn't seems to work page "" page loads but doesn't show anything. Kindly click the below URL to see the response received. … t-page.jpg


Thanks. Will try to download that.

I have installed FA 2.4.2 as modified on 30-07-2017. Is 2.4.2+ a higher version?

Moreover, at the time of install, i did not encounter any error or alert that the instal may not be complete. But you do have a point. Let me try re-installing it.


Thank you so much apmuthu. Appreciate it.

So there is no way we can edit a credit note?

Also, when I "edit" the CN from Supplier Transaction Enquiry page, why doesn't it show the whole CN Form? FA2.4 ONLY shows the Combo box for Supplier, but doesn't do anything further.


By mistake I entered a Credit Note (CN) in Supplier A100 account, which should have gone into Supplier M100 account.

Now I am unable to edit the CN even though it shows up in the Supplier Transaction Enquiry. When I click the Edit icon, it opens the Suppliers Credit Note Screen with the right Supplier Account, but no figures.

How can I void the CN, if I am unable to edit it?


Thank you Joe. Worked like a flash!

Please guide me where I may get some tutorials to set up such default GL Accounts ie., Supplier Default Accounts, Item Categories Default Accounts.

I am using 8-Digit GAAP COA.

Supplier M-100 is set up as follows:

Accounts Payable Default GL A/c - 21010001 Accounts Payable
Purchase Account Default GL A/c - Use Item/Inventory/COGS Account

But when I process supplier invoice through Purchase>> Supplier Invoice, it gives the default GL Account as 11014001 which is Cash Restricted To Current Bond Maturity.

Should it not show 50090001 - Cost of Goods & Services Sold (Perpetual)??


Hi poncho,

Its started working for the Journal Entry too! Thank you so much!


Thank you poncho smile Viola!! It worked fine for Bank Payments. But it doesn't seem to work for the Journal Entry somehow.

Thank you apmuthu for the placeholder info. Thats pretty useful.

You guys are just great! Thanks. But let me tell you my problems aren't over yet smile smile


Thank you for your reply poncho1234.

It is not happening at my end. I tried to copy the same syntax as you ie., 102017/001. The new JV (Journal Entry) becomes 102018/001 instead of 102017/002.

This numbering problem becomes even more troublesome when dealing with multiple Bank Payment Transaction Types.


I am using FA 2.4.2 Build 30.07.2017 and am stuck at Transaction Reference section.

I want to use the following format:

For Journal Entries: JV-1710-1 , where JV is the prefix for Journal Voucher, 1710 denotes the year 2017 and 10 denotes the month (October) and actual number of the voucher is 1 which should be increased everytime a new JV is processed.

But FA actually increases 1710 and makes the next number as JV-1711-1. How can I stop the middle number from increasing and start the last number after hyphen to increase by 1.


What kind of printed slips are these? And where can I go and see them?