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you can say its a service but after service added to item it become new item.

Washing is service and after washing unwashed fabrics become washed fabric.

can you help how to handle this.


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There is problem with this.

I have production order 1000 pcs of item A and BOM for item A is item B which is needed in 3000 pcs for 1000 or (1 pcs of item A = 3 pcs of item B).

In actual i issue 1500 of item B first then after some days i issue remaining 1500 pcs of item B.

can i get the gate pass for the bom or issue bom in steps.

if i want to change the code and want to add bom issue steps where i have to made the changes so that core app should not be affected by this. I mean its working like report and accounts.



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I add my three washing units as work centers.

Now when i enter work order to washing unit A, i issue materiel form my inventory. i only paid to washing unit A only the washing charges.

can i create work center ledgers and do payment to them depending upon their work.



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FA is very good application for single level production. but my production involves different process like dyeing, washing, cutting etc.

In very very short my question is how to add my items so that i can make item B from item A after doing some process and when i do this item A stock should be deducted from inventory and item B should be added in stock.

Below is some explanation of the above said problem.
how to handle the following problem using FA.

My finished product's BOM is item D (which use Item C which use Item B and final item B uses item A for production).

I purchase raw material (Item A) from my suppliers. Then i do different processes on it and at each levels item name become different. After process A item A become item b and after process B item b become item C and so on 3 to 4 different processes.

I have to do sale after any process (Raw material, process A, B, C, ...).

When do sale item should be deducted from inventory  say if i sold item D (Then item C, B, A) those are used in production item D production and so on.

I need help in how to register my items and how to create work orders and sales.